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Book in BookGem, attached to lower edge of book. Photo: www.bookgem.com'BookGem' Book Holder
A folding book holder that holds the book spread in different reading positions - suitable for people with disabilities
Balcony garden containers with space for kneesAccessible balcony garden
Convenient balcony garden adapted to wheelchair users
Accessible boat with boarding ramp folded out at dockAccessible boat dock
Floating boat dock – suitable for boarding by people with motor disabilities
User at dockAccessible boat dock at vacation home
Hinged floating dock - suitable for wheelchair users
User opens hatch to access eggsAccessible chicken house
Modifications enable wheelchair user to take care of chickens
Garden with raised bedsAccessible garden
Architect-designed wheelchair accessible garden with raised beds at various heights
Raised planting bedsAccessible herb garden
Raised beds facilitate gardening especially for wheelchair users.
The Fred 25 (Photo: www.hanterbarabatar.se)Accessible motorboat
Aluminum boat that can be operated by a solo skipper in a wheelchair
RV with rampAccessible RV with ceiling lift
Specially furnished RV allows a woman with disabilities to travel on vacation with her family (husband and two children) and her personal assistant
User barbecuesAdapted barbecue tool
Enables persons with impaired hand function to barbecue
Adapted book supportAdapted book support in wood
Adapted to be able to turn pages with a mouth stick - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
The user presses on the camera’s shutter button with the help of the loopAdapted camera
Camera for users with highly impaired hand and arm function
User at center consoleAdapted center console on motorboat
- enables to drive a boat sitting in a wheelchair
User on four-wheeler. Photo: from www.kritto.seAdapted four-wheeler
A four-wheeler can be adapted for wheelchair users
User in kayakAdapted kayak
Rekryteringsgruppen offers kayak lessons for persons who have a spinal cord injury
Motorboat with ramp downAdapted motorboat
Customized boat with built-in ramp and joystick steering - suitable for electric wheelchair users
Pen extension, screw mount, and brush next to itAdapted pen extension
Pen extension with screw mount used as mouth stick - suitable for people with extensive disabilities
The user holds the radio, little finger inserted in key ringAdapted radio
Simple modifications make a transistor radio manageable for a person with impaired hand function
Sailboat at dockAdapted sailboat
Adapted sailboat that a person who uses a wheelchair and has impaired hand function can steer.
User on snowmobile. Photo: from www.kritto.seAdapted snowmobile
An adapted snowmobile enables a wheelchair user to get around in the snow without problems
Raised sole in cabinAdapted sole inside cabin
Raised floorboards to reduce height differences in boat – suitable for wheelchair users
User operates anchor by remote controlAnchor with remote control
Anchor in accessible boat that can be operated by a person with a disability
User at his arm cycleArm cycle on exercise stand
An exercise stand allows the user to operate the arm cycle either stationary or outdoors - a training tool for people with disabilities
User with her armbike. Photo: Jonas ArnesonArmbike
- addition to manual wheelchair that allows quick and comfortable mobility outdoors
User attaches hip beltAttachment belt for legs on Sitski
The belt helps a person with impaired leg function to sit securely on a sitski
Anchor point with strapAttachment of wheelchair in accessible boat
Anchor points on floor of boat make it possible to tether wheelchairs
Wheelchair in boat - strapped down with beltAttachment of wheelchair in boat
Anchor points on the floor of the boat make it possible to attach an electric wheelchair
The user riding sitski with back supportBack support for riding on sitski
Back support provides safety when riding on sitski
User picks ball up from groundBall techniques
Technique for getting a ball up from the floor onto the player’s lap - suitable for players of wheelchair rugby with poor hand function
User on beach wheelchair. Photo from the tipster’s archivesBeach Wheelchair
A wheelchair that works on sand and in water
User gets assistance putting on soft corset as beltBelt for balance
Soft corset helps players hold their balance in wheelchair rugby
Wood board with opening between sofasBerth on sailboat
Solution for persons with incontinence problems.
User with binoculars on standBinoculars on stand with holder on wheelchair
Binoculars on a stand work well for persons with compromised arm/hand function
User looks through binocularsBinoculars with stand
Binoculars on stand; can be used by persons without active hand function.
User with book cushion on lapBook cushion
Tray with soft knee cushion as book support - suitable for persons who cannot hold a book
Adjustable-angle wooden book standBook stand with adjustable angle
Book stand serves as a good holder for drawing paper/ canvas when painting by mouth
User sitting on boat and pulling wheelchair toward himself with reach extenderBringing the wheelchair onto the motorboat
Moving wheelchair onto boat
Adapted brushBrush with mouthpiece
Adapted brush - suitable for persons who paint with their mouth
User in cabinCabin inside motorboat
Wheelchair accessible cabin on Coronet 24 Midi
The user with camera stand fastened to wheelchairCamera arm
Assistive device for persons with extensive disabilities
User takes a picture with mouth stickCamera on stand
Camera on stand that a person without active hand function can operate
Camera attached with stand/holder on electric wheelchairCamera on stand
Camera attached with stand/holder on electric wheelchair
Joystick mounted on camera tripodCamera tripod as joystick holder for controlling computer
Camera tripod works well as a joystick holder for persons who control the joystick with their chin
The user outside his tent. Photo: from the user’s archivesCamping for wheelchair users
Camping is not impossible for people with disabilities
Ceiling lift with bent ceiling trackCeiling lift in RV
Ceiling lift with bent U track make transfers possible in RV – suitable for people with extensive disabilities
Clothing for riding on sitskiClothing for riding on sitski
Several layers of thin, warm clothing are appropriate for a person who rides on a sitski
User sitting in cockpitCockpit in adapted sailboat
Cockpit in adapted sailboat with slide-out table top.
User rides monoski. Photo: www.praschberger.comCompetition sitski
A sitski for persons who use wheelchairs and compete in skiing
User at consoleConsole in adapted boat
Adjustable console in adapted boat makes it possible for wheelchair users to steer the boat
User next to table with control units for TV, etcControl for TV, stereo, etc
Remote controls with foam rubber and writing stick make it possible for persons with impaired hand function to use TV, stereo, etc
User in front of computerControl of computer without arm/hand function
Custom modifications make it possible for persons without function in their arms and hands to play computer games
User controls a sewing machine with her forearmControlling sewing machine with arms
Technique to control sewing machine for wheelchair users
User sitting in the kayak with cushion between kneesCushion between knees in boat
A cushion between the knees helps the user to maintain a good seated posture in a kayak for people with functional impairments
User holds video camera using plexiglas handleCustom handle for video camera
Custom handle for video camera; appropriate for persons with impaired hand function
User draws with special extensionCustom penholder for mouth painting
Flexible holder for pen/pencil/brush – suitable for people who draw/paint with their mouth
Shower chair on toilet seatCustom-built shower chair for adapted RV
Custom-built shower chair saves room and makes it possible for a person with extensive disabilities to shower in an RV
User paints with her mouthCustom-designed easel
Easel that makes it possible to paint with mouth - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Custom-made lounge chairCustom-made lounge chair
Lounge chair that facilitates transfers for wheelchair users.
Ramp to caravan. Photo: Lars AnderssonCustom-made ramp for caravan
- simple ramp for caravan/trailer – suitable for all environments
Customized motorboatCustomized motorboat
Wheelchair accessible motorboat equipped with lift.
Night table with attachment on bedCustomized night table
An all-in-one night table with room for many functions that helps a person with a high injury to stay in touch with and have control over the rest of the world even when in bed
Wheelchair table on stand in low positionCustomized wheelchair table
Wheelchair table enables a person with impaired arm and hand function to eat, read and write
The user removes dandelions. Photo from www.fiskars.seDandelion weeder
A tool for easy removal of weeds – suitable for wheelchair users
Document holder with table bracketDocument holder with table bracket
– suitable as an easel for people who draw/paint by mouth
Dodger on sailboatDodger on adapted sailboat
Custom easy-to-use dodger keeps user warm and dry on boat; extremely suitable for persons with physical disabilities.
User has dog attached to belt and holds on to a railingDog leash with belt
Dog leash with belt – suitable for persons with impaired hand function and for pole walking
Remote control with raised buttonsEasy-to-use remote control
Large raised buttons on remote control are easy to manipulate for persons with impaired hand function.
Outwell tent. Photo: www.campingsverige.seEasy-to-use tent
Easy-to-use tent that takes only seconds to set up – suitable for people with disabilities
Electric winchElectric winch on adapted sailboat
A person with disabilities can use an electric winch to independently handle sails and anchor.
Engine compartment in motorboatEngine compartment in motorboat
Engine compartment in boat that is easily accessible – suitable for wheelchair users
Gewa Prog transmitter  in holderEnvironmental control system on bed
An environmental control system that can be operated from the bed is suitable for persons with high spinal cord injuries
Using the eraserEraser
Holding an eraser with the help of wheelchair gloves – a good method for persons without dexterity
Kayaking jacket, extra longExtra long raincoat
Long raincoat prevents gap in back when sitting
User with 2 sip/puff controls on headsetExtra sip/puff control for computer
Double sip/puff controls help a person without arm or hand function to play computer games
User fishing on aft deckFishing on accessible boat
– an opportunity for wheelchair users
Cantilevered ramp between stationary and floating docks (close-up)
Floating dock
A floating dock guarantees an even height between dock and boat, facilitating transfers for wheelchair users.
Floating dock with wooden rampFloating dock with wooden ramp
A floating dock guarantees an even height between dock and kayak, which facilitates transfers for people with physical disabilities
Flower box on wheelsFlower box on wheels
Portable flower box on patio - suitable for wheelchair users
Book holder on deskFolding book holder
Book holder - important assistive device for persons who cannot hold books
A wheelchair user boards the boatFolding bow ramp in accessible boat
– allows easy access for wheelchair users
User rakes leaves into wheelbarrowFolding lightweight wheelbarrow
A lightweight wheelbarrow that is easy on the back – suitable for persons who have problems lifting and/or bending
Boat at dock with ramp downFolding ramp on motorboat
- suitable for wheelchair users
User with tray on lapFolding tray
- can replace a table when necessary – suitable for people who use electric wheelchair
User with his dog in the mountains. Photo: from the user's archivesForest outings
- for wheelchair users
User at garden planter on legs with metal frame and non-woven fabricGarden planter on legs at suitable working height
Garden planter on legs at convenient height for working while standing – suitable for people who have problems bending
User digs in balcony containerGarden tools
Garden tools with short handle
Garden toolsGarden tools
Short-handled garden tools work best when working in easily accessible raised beds
Gewa progress, mounted on the inside of the wheelchair armrestGewa Progress - advanced remote control
Well arranged, high-capacity infrared transmitter for environmental control system
Modified two-seat glider, ASK21. Photo from www.uppsalasegelflyg.seGliding Club for everyone
A gliding club where even people with disabilities can fly
Go-cart with electric motor, joystick and steering leverGo-cart with electric motor to trim flower beds
– facilitates gardening for wheelchair users
The user hammering using the gripping aid. Photo: www.activehands.co.uk Gripping Aid
A gripping aid to improve grippfunction and to facilitate everyday activities for persons with impaired handfunction
Guitar control for video gameGuitar Hero – video game controlled with guitar
Video game provides good hand training
User riding bike with her children.Handbike
Power-assisted handbike that can be clipped on a manual wheelchair - allows bicycling on equal terms
Stricker attached to a manual wheelchair (Photo from www.woodstar.se)Handbike Stricker
- convert wheelchair into a hand/arm bike
User cyclingHandcycle
- enables people with disabilities to ride a bike on equal terms
Aluminum suitcasesHandy packing
Aluminum suitcases for storage of fragile items such as music and computer accessories - can also be used as support or tray on lap for wheelchair users
User wearing heated sock (close-up)Heated socks
Battery-heated socks for outdoor activities – appropriate for people who freeze easily
Folding benchHinged benches
Folding seats increase space on accessible boat for wheelchair users
Raised bed with old window next to itHomemade raised beds
Accessible raised beds that also work as greenhouses
User hunting with a quad bike. Photo: Marcus JardlerHunting
At the initiative of the user, the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management organizes hunting trips for people with disabilities
User writes with a mouth stick and iPadiPad
Handheld computer with touchscreen – easy to use for people with disabilities
iPad in floor standiPad stand
- facilitates using an iPad – suitable for people with impaired hand/arm function-
Drip or sweat hose in raised bedsIrrigation of raised beds
Drip and sweat hoses – simple way for wheelchair users to water the garden
JoyboxJoybox to control computer
Joybox is a keyboard input device suitable for persons without arm or hand function who want to play computer games
User steers boat with joystick controlJoystick steering and navigation of adapted motorboat
- suitable for wheelchair users with impaired hand function
User controls joystick with chinJoystick to control computer
Custom-designed joystick to control computer games with chin
User pulls up zipper on cover while sitting in kayakKayak cover with zipper
– aids people with disabilities and impaired hand function
User with kayak skirt in kayak
Kayak skirt
Kayak skirt keeps the kayaker warm and protects against water
Landing craft open with portable rampsLanding craft
A landing craft that works for persons who operate electric wheelchairs
User rides monoski with leg guard. Photo: www.praschberger.comLeg guard for competition sitski
Protection for legs and feet when skiing
User with life jacketLife jacket
A life jacket that automatically inflates when it lands in the water and does not limit mobility - suitable for persons who operate a wheelchair
Lift in marinaLift for people with disabilities
- allows transfer to and from a boat with a municipal lift device
Lift in stern of boatLift for persons on accessible boat
– makes it easier for people with disabilities to swim and get ashore at a high dock
User on lift platformLift in adapted motorboat
Wheelchair users move independently from dock to motorboat using lift platform
Bed unit fitted with headphones and contact for blowing.Listen to radio and control bed
Opportunity to listen to radio in bed without disturbing a partner; suitable for persons who have compromised hand/arm function.
User prunes bush with long-handled garden prunerLong-handled garden pruner
Long-handled garden pruner – suitable for wheelchair users
Long-reach staplerLong-reach stapler
Long-reach stapler makes sewing easier for people with impaired hand function
Manuscript holder with paper (close-up)Manuscript holder
Small lightweight manuscript holder that works well for one paper
Microphone on camera tripodMicrophone to control computer
The microphone is an alternative method for controlling a computer for persons who do not have arm or hand function to play computer games
User drives car using mobile hand controls. Photo from the tipster’s archivesMobile hand controls for car
With mobile hand controls a person with disabilities can drive any automatic car
Caravan with extra wide door and ramp. Photo: Lars AnderssonModified caravan/trailer
Spacious caravan/trailer with extra wide door and ramp – suitable for people with disabilities and their families
Modified glider. Photo from www.uppsalasegelflyg.seModified glider
- makes gliding possible for people with disabilities
Modified propeller plane UL Kärra. Photo from www.uppsalasegelflyg.seModified propeller plane
User by race car. Photo: www.rullarnas.seModified race car
A race car that can be driven with hand controls - suitable for people with disabilities
Modified remote control devicesModified remote control devices
Modifications enable a user without finger function to grasp controllers and use them
Mooring lines and bumpers on boatMooring lines and bumpers on boat
Simple mooring - suitable for wheelchair users
Fred 25 motorboat Photo: Katharina RatzkaMotorboat adapted for skipper with extensive disabilities
Adapted motorboat that can be steered by people who use an electric wheelchair and have impaired hand function
User in boat next to driver’s seatMotorboat interior
Coronet 24 Midi -77, a motorboat that works well for a wheelchair user
Page turnerMotorized page turner
Enables persons with extensive disabilities to read books unassisted
User paints by mouth on the iPadMouth painting with iPad
iPad makes it easier for people with limited reach to draw or paint – suitable for people with disabilities
Tilting wood board between cockpit and saloonMoving between cabin and cockpit
Technique for wheelchair users to transfer in adapted sailboat.
User moves on soft sand with help from an assistantMoving on soft sand
- a solution when there are no ramps
User plays the harmonica with the harmonica holderMusic - harmonica holder
An opportunity to play music without using hands – suitable for persons with impaired arm/hand function
User with guitar on lapMusic - modified electric guitar
Playing a guitar with only four strings – opportunity for persons with impaired dexterity
User plays the harmonicaMusic - playing the harmonica
- a good fun way to improve lung capacity
User with slide guitar on lapMusik - slide guitar
Slide guitar – opportunity to play guitar for person who uses a wheelchair and has impaired hand function
User with off-road chair on a sandy beachOff-road chair
Addition to manual wheelchair that allows driving on rough and uneven surfaces
Outdoor pool with liftOutdoor pool with lift
– suitable for people with disabilities
Different types of pogies, photo: www.kajak.nuPaddle gloves for kayaking
Pogies are easy to put on – appropriate for people with impaired hand function
Page turner sitting in the holderPage turner for the mouth
Turn pages with the mouth - an alternative for persons without arm/hand function
User paints with his mouthPaint with watercolors by mouth
Painting with watercolors by mouth – an opportunity for people with extensive disabilities
User drawsPainting (oil and sketching)
Holding a pen or brush with the help of wheelchair gloves – a good method for persons without dexterity
User at his custom pianoPiano assistive device
Compact electronic pedal for digital pianos and keyboards, developed for people with physical disabilities such as paraplegia
Toilet chair, pivoted 180 degreesPivoting toilet in RV
– makes bathroom visits easier for people who need assistance
User and her husband at pool liftPool lift for outdoor pool
Stationary custom-designed pool lift makes it possible for people with disabilities to get in and out of a pool
User at sewing machine, pressing on hand control buttonPortable electronic sewing machine
Lightweight sewing machine with hand controls and automatic threading – suitable for wheelchair users who have impaired hand function
Portable ramps, one extendedPortable ramps
Small lightweight aluminum ramps for wheelchair users; practical to have along on the boat.
User puts on boat coverPut on and remove boat cover
Low port cover makes life more convenient for wheelchair users
Hunting with a quad bike. Photo from www.rullarnas.seQuad bike
A mobility aid for people with disabilities who want to get out into nature
Radio standing on edge (close-up)Radio by the bed
Radio placed on its edge to enable persons with impaired arm/hand function to reach all buttons when lying in bed.
Radio at center consoleRadio on adapted motorboat
A radio on a boat is essential for people with disabilities
Transistor radio hanging from wheelchair armrestRadio on electric wheelchair
A radio that the user can bring along on the electric wheelchair
Radio on sailboatRadio on sailboat
A radio on the sailboat is essential for people with disabilities
Raised beds made from pallet collarsRaised beds from pallet collars
Easy to make, simple accessible raised beds
User by raised bedsRaised garden beds
Easily accessible raised garden beds for wheelchair users
User drives up ramp; wood board between ramp and motorboatRamp on dock for motorboat
Custom-built ramp bridges space between dock and boat.
Wooden ramp to RVRamp to adapted RV
Custom-designed stable ramp for adapted RV – an option for people who drive wheelchairs
The user drives on a wooden ramp over a ditchRamp to garden
Ramp across ditch on a wheelchair-accessible lot
Reach extenderReach extender for use on motorboat (and other purposes)
Strong reach extender appropriate for use on boat – suitable for wheelchair users
Night table with book support extended (reading table)Read and snack in bed
Combined reading and snack table integrated in a customized night table, suitable for persons with compromised or no arm and/or hand function
User sitting and reading a book at the reading table. Photo: Katharina RatzkaReading table
- facilitates reading books for people with impaired hand function
Book lying on wastebasket held open with paper clipReading while on the toilet
Using a wastebasket and a paper clip the user can read while on the toilet without having to hold the book - suitable for persons with poor trunk balance
User riding recumbent bicycle. The wheelchair is attached to the tow hook.Recumbent bicycle with electric wheel and tow hook for wheelchair
Facilitates bike riding for individuals with impaired strength or disability
Adapted remote controlRemote control for wall radio
The remote control unit for the radio is always accessible from the bed
User rides anchor liftRide skilift with sitski
A rope attached to the sitski makes it possible to ride the ski lift
The user on horse (Photo: http://mabragarden.wordpress.com/tag/annika-palm/)Riding
- a way for people with high paraplegia to ride a horse
User on chair lift. Photo: www.praschberger.comRiding a chair lift with sitski
The monoski works well on a chair lift
User turns on slope(close-up). Photo: from Nordic SitskiRiding a Sitski
With Sitski a wheelchair user can ski with others on the same terms and manage independently on all lifts and slopes
Riding lawnmowerRiding lawnmower
Wheelchair user can mow lawn with an MTD riding lawnmower
Riding lawnmower from behindRiding lawnmower
- a lawnmower for large hilly gardens - works for persons with impaired function in the legs
User with barbecue fork on wheelchair standRod on stand to barbecue hotdogs
A barbecue fork on a stand enables a person without active hand function to barbecue hotdogs.
Roho cushion on driver’s seatRoho cushion in motorboat
Cushions with many applications – suitable for persons with impaired sensation
User in his rugby wheelchair.Rugby chair
Wheelchair for wheelchair rugby
Saddle with custom-made back padded with foam cushion and Roho adapterSaddle
Saddle with trunk support enables a person with compromised trunk balance to ride a horse.
User at stove, sitting on toilet with wood boardSailboat galley
Adapted kitchen on sailboat in which a person with quadriplegia can cook.
Gel cushion on seat in boat
Seat cushion in boat
Pressure-relieving seat cushion
Motorboat at service dockService dock for motorboat
Berth next to service dock – suitable for wheelchair users
Service Dog ZoeService Dog Zoe
Service dog provides daily living assistance for people with disabilities
Shower in RV with ceiling lift and shower chairShower in RV
Custom shower stall with ceiling lift and shower chair – suitable for a person with extensive disabilities
Toilet seat covered with wood board, water heaterShower/toilet on adapted sailboat
Practical space-saving solution for shower and toilet on adapted sailboat.
User takes photos with single-leg camera standSingle-leg camera stand (monopod)
Aids wheelchair users in photography
User on sitskinSitski
Sitski makes it possible for wheelchair users to ski
User on sitski. Photo: Ronny PerssonSitski and poles
An opportunity to ski, ride the lift and chair lift for a person who uses a wheelchair
User rides on sitski. Photo: Malin EnglundSitskis
A sitski that provides good balance
User on Sitski with poles Tornado Flexible.Ski poles for Sitski
Tornado flip poles are flexible and work well when riding on sitski
Tandem skydiving. Photo: from www.kritto.seSkydiving
Tandem skydiving provides people with disabilities the opportunity to skydive with an instructor
User with sled on ice skates. 
Photo: Tomas EngblomSled on skate runners
Ice skating for people with disabilities
The user working on her knees wearing trousers for crawling.Specially sewn trousers for outdoor activities
Sturdy outdoor trousers used when raining, skiing and for “crawling”
User with the boat's joystick on the wheelchair attachmentSteering for boat
Motorboat that can be driven with a joystick - suitable for persons with impaired hand function who drive a wheelchair
Holder for remote control units on swivel telephone armStorage for remote control for radio/phone
Remote control units that sit on a firm surface are easier to use for persons with impaired hand function
"Muurikka grill"Summer kitchen on wheels
Carefully planned versatile indoor/outdoor summer kitchen used for transporting, cooking, barbecuing and smoking food, as well as for a dining table
Surfing glove. Photo: Sebastian ForsénSurfing gloves that provide more strength
Surf gloves with webbed design provide extra strength for paddling with a surfboard - facilitates surfing for people with disabilities
User with iPad on table easelTable easel
A table easel makes it easier to paint by mouth – suitable for people with severe disabilities
Table loom on legsTable loom
Table loom with custom-designed legs - suitable for wheelchair users
User takes photos with remote release cableTake photos with remote release cable
Camera with remote release - suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User supports himself on an aluminum suitcase and takes picturesTaking photos
An aluminum suitcase makes it easy to hold the camera steady without a stand - suitable for wheelchair users.
User with camera on standTaking photos with mouth
Camera on stand with remote control - a possibility for persons with extensive disabilities
Leather glove taped with sports tape (palm)Taped glove for rugby
Rugby gloves modified with sports tape
User with tennis racket taped to his handTaping tennis racket in place
Taping makes it possible for a tennis player with impaired hand function to firmly grip the racket
Telescoping ramps on motorboatTelescoping ramps on motorboat
Telescoping ramp is used to bring electric wheelchair onto motorboat.
User in tennis chair from the frontTennis wheelchair
Special wheelchair with anti-tip device and positioning belt. The wheelchair is used to play tennis
The thermal insole battery pack sits on the outside of the shoeThermal insoles
Thermal insoles keep feet warm – suitable for people who easily freeze
Toilet in motorboatToilet on small motorboat
Alternative toilet installation – practical for wheelchair users
User is towedTow line
Tow line for wheelchair users during walks in the woods
Stationary lift next to sailboat on floating dockTransfer between sailboat and wheelchair with stationary lift
Transfer from sailboat to wheelchair with stationary hydraulic lift
The user moves from the wheelchair to the dockTransfer from wheelchair to kayak
Transfer technique for wheelchair users
User transfers from dock to platform on boat’s swimming ladderTransfer from wheelchair to motorboat
Transfers using adapted platform and attachment to swimming ladder.
User receives help to place feet on deckTransfer from wheelchair to sailboat
Transfer from wheelchair to sailboat with help from one person.
User has moved forward in the wheelchair and moves one leg over to the foot bar of the sitski.Transfer from wheelchair to Sitski
People with strong arms can manage transfers between wheelchair and sitski without problems
User sits on platform on the boat’s swimming ladderTransfer to boat – teak platform on swimming ladder
Swimming ladder adaptation to facilitate transfers between wheelchair and boat.
User transfers from wheelchair to horse using a lift (photo: Carin Bergfeldt)Transfer to horse
Lift that enables transfer to horse - opportunity for wheelchair users
User with pack on wheelchair. Photo: from the user's archivesTransporting camping gear by wheelchair
- an option for people with disabilities
User with the bicycle trailer in front of him. Photo: from the user's archivesTransporting camping gear with a bicycle trailer
- suitable for wheelchair users
Travel kitchenTravel kitchen
Kitchen travel kit that makes it easy for a person who uses a wheelchair to prepare food, even if the environment is not adapted
User's hand is under a pageTurning pages
Wheelchair gloves make it easier for persons with impaired hand function to turn pages
TV is placed on a stand on the wallTV in bedroom
Mounting the TV on the wall makes it easy to watch TV while lying in bed - suitable for persons who have to spend a lot of time in bed
User on his arm cycleUse of arm cycle outdoors
Arm cycle that allows cycling for training purposes for people with disabilities
Sailboat boomUsing boom to transfer onto sailboat
The boom of the sailboat and an electric winch can be used as a lift for persons with physical disabilities
Vinyl-backed terry cloth fabric on lounge chairVinyl-backed terry cloth
Vinyl-backed terry cloth protects the wheelchair or lounge chair from becoming wet after a swim or shower
Voice-controlled TVVoice-controlled TV
- simplifies life for people with severe disabilities
Wagon for sitski. Photo: Ronny PerssonWagon for sitski
Facilitates transporting the sitski
Stand with bucket for hose nozzleWatering accessible raised beds
Watering system that can be handled by a wheelchair user
Wheel Blades on wheelchair. Photo from www.wheelblades.chWheel Blades
- makes it possible to easily use a manual wheelchair on snow and ice
Summer home with rampWheelchair accessible country home
Country home with accessible garden
User with rugby gloveWheelchair gloves for wheelchair rugby
Modified glove for wheelchair rugby
User throws the ballWheelchair Rugby
- team sport for people with tetraplegia
User plays tennisWheelchair tennis
Wheelchair tennis - a sport that can work for people with disabilities
User drives on wet dirt with heavy-tread tires on wheelchairWinter tires for wheelchair
Heavy-tread tires on wheelchair facilitate outdoor driving in difficult terrain, such as sand or snow
Plastic skis attached under the wheelchairWinter walks with wheelchair
Plastic skis under the wheelchair make it possible for wheelchair users to take walks in winter
Snus tool and snus container“Snus” tool
With a "prismaster” tool the assistant does not have to handle the "snus” smokeless tobacco when helping someone who is unable to take snus unassisted.