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House with large windows on sloping lot, front viewAccessible house
Well-planned house – suitable for a person with disabilities who has a family and assistants
Split jacket from the backAdapted jacket
Adapted jacket - facilitates dressing for persons who need assistance
BabymonitorAlarm for people with disabilities
A baby monitor is a good assistive device for calling the assistant – suitable for persons with compromised arm and hand function
Back support beltBack support belts for assistants
Back support belts prevent back problems for assistants
picture missingBathing while traveling
You can leave the shower chair at home and wash with a sponge in bed.
User with battery-operated-electric-toothbrushBattery-operated electric toothbrush
Electric toothbrush facilitates dental care for persons who cannot hold a toothbrush unassisted.
'Superbrush' toothbrushBrushing teeth
A toothbrush that makes it easier for someone who needs help brushing teeth and that makes brushing teeth easier for persons with limited motor function
A calendar facilitates organization and planning for personal assistants
Ceiling lift with motor cassette and wall tracksCeiling lift
Discreet ceiling lift with attractive design
Ceiling track for ceiling liftCeiling lift between bathroom and bedroom
Ceiling lift on track from bathroom to bedroom.
Ceiling lift track with ceiling liftCeiling lift between bed and bathtub
By opening up the wall above the bathroom door Anders can transfer from the bed directly to the bathtub using a ceiling lift
Bedroom with ceiling lift and ceiling trackCeiling lift in bedroom
Ceiling lift on tracks placed on the ceiling, diagonally across the room.
Ceiling lift with bent ceiling trackCeiling lift in RV
Ceiling lift with bent U track make transfers possible in RV – suitable for people with extensive disabilities
User's bedroom with double bed - both beds at same heightDouble bed
Attractive electrically controlled double bed - suitable for persons with physical disabilities
NILCO floor hoistFloor hoist
Assistive device to transfer persons with high spinal cord injury.
Liko Light. Photo: www.liko.seFolding floor lift
Folding lift that can be transported in 3 bags
User goes down a flight of stairs with handrail with help from an assistant. Photo: Madeleine Stenius, Rehabstation StockholmGo down a flight of stairs with a wheelchair with assistance
Description of technique with help from one person
User sitting on her harness with straps around stomach and thighsHarness for easy transfers
- makes transfers simple both for the user and the assistant
Hockey pucks, photo from sv.wikipedia.orgHockey pucks
Hockey pucks can be used as blocks to raise hotel beds - suitable for persons with disabilities
Massage rollerMassage roller with flexible joints
Massager that reduces muscle tension in the body
FlashlightMini flashlight
Small flashlight helps personal assistants work at night without disturbing the person with disabilities
Mobile floor lift GolvoMobile lift
Mobile lift Liko Golvo has an electric adjustable frame for easy transfers to a couch.
Metal bar of lift mounted on wheelchair attachment sitesMobile toilet
A folding lift attached to the wheelchair makes bathroom visits possible anywhere – suitable for women with extensive disabilities
User moves on soft sand with help from an assistantMoving on soft sand
- a solution when there are no ramps
Move with lift and neck roll (person in the picture is not the user)Neck roll cushion
The neck roll supports and helps to relax the neck during moves - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities who use a personal lift
Non-slip device on rubber bootsNon-slip device for rubber boots
Non-slip device for the user's assistants when they help in the shower
Toilet chair, pivoted 180 degreesPivoting toilet in RV
– makes bathroom visits easier for people who need assistance
Portable shampoo basinPortable basin for washing hair
Assistive device to wash hair while sitting in a wheelchair - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Plasticized certificatePower of attorney for banking matters
Certificate that allows assistants to use the user's credit card without her providing her PIN code
User rides up an escalator with help from an assistant. Photo: Madeleine Stenius, Rehabstation StockholmRide up an escalator in a wheelchair with assistance
Description of technique with help from one person
Transmitter for wireless alarmRoom for assistants
A separate room for assistants improves privacy for the user and the assistants
Assistant roomRoom for assistants
A separate room for assistants increases the privacy of the user and the assistants
Adapted portable alarm transmitter attached to the wheelchair cushionSimple adapted alarm to call assistants
Alarm attached to the wheelchair - suitable for persons with physical disabilities and personal assistants
Shower area with glass wall and shower curtainsSpacious bathroom accessible to the entire family
Spacious bathroom - suitable for persons who need assistance in order to shower
One step next to the bedStep in hard foam
Steps that help personal assistants achieve the right working height
Storage with curtainStorage area adjacent to bedroom
Organized storage area - suitable for persons who need assistive devices and hygiene products
Helena with strap around both wristsStraps for easy transfers with lift
Leather strap that holds hands together facilitates transfers for people without arm/hand function
User transfers to bathtub with assistanceTransfer belt EasyBelt
EasyBelt facilitate transfers - suitable for wheelchair users who need help with transfers
The assistant grasps the user's trousersTransfer from bed to wheelchair
A simple lift technique with the help of a person but without a lift
Assistant grips user under sitting bonesTransfer from floor to wheelchair with help
- a technique with the help of one person
Assistant grasps the user's trousers; user holds on to the assistantTransfer from wheelchair to bed
Simple lift technique with an assistant's help, but without a lift
Transfer to the floor with help from an assistantTransfer from wheelchair to floor with assistance
A technique with the help of an assistant
Glide mat lying on bedTransfer mat
Glide mat for easy horizontal moves for persons with extensive disabilities and for assistants
User at the beachTraveling with electric wheelchair and ventilator
Works well with the right luggage and preparations
The assistant lifts the user's arm with the handle sewn onto the wrist bandageWrist bandage with handle
Strip sewn onto wrist bandage helps assistants to lift the arm of persons with extensive disabilities without pulling on their wrist
Snus tool and snus container“Snus” tool
With a "prismaster” tool the assistant does not have to handle the "snus” smokeless tobacco when helping someone who is unable to take snus unassisted.