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49 tips and ideas 
Example of an accessible hotel. Photo from www.welltrips.comAccessible hotels all over the world
A platform that arranges accessible hotels all over the world
RV with rampAccessible RV with ceiling lift
Specially furnished RV allows a woman with disabilities to travel on vacation with her family (husband and two children) and her personal assistant
Water containerAdapted colon cleansing kit for travel
The Clysmatic colonic kit can be used while traveling
Wireless baby monitorAlarm to assistants when traveling
A radio-controlled power switch or wireless baby monitor can serve as an alarm to assistants staying in another hotel room
Large backpack for travel suspended from the wheelchair handles (viewed from the side). Please note that the person in this photo is not the tipsterBackpack that fits well with wheelchair
Narrow backpack model, fits well for long trips with wheelchair.
picture missingBathing while traveling
You can leave the shower chair at home and wash with a sponge in bed.
Bicycle holder mounted on car with manual wheelchairBicycle holder for manual wheelchair
A bicycle holder mounted on a tow hook can be used for a manual wheelchair
User looks through binocularsBinoculars with stand
Binoculars on stand; can be used by persons without active hand function.
Ceiling lift with bent ceiling trackCeiling lift in RV
Ceiling lift with bent U track make transfers possible in RV – suitable for people with extensive disabilities
Shower chair on toilet seatCustom-built shower chair for adapted RV
Custom-built shower chair saves room and makes it possible for a person with extensive disabilities to shower in an RV
User with portable showerFluid bag as portable shower
Used as to wash genitals when traveling
Liko Light. Photo: www.liko.seFolding floor lift
Folding lift that can be transported in 3 bags
Folding toilet seat in a fabric bagFolding raised toilet seat
Folding raised toilet seat used as toilet chair while traveling
Chameleon travel shower chair with extra foam cushionFolding shower chair on wheels
Shower chair on castors that can be packed into a suitcase.
Chameleon travel shower chair with extra foam cushionFolding travel shower chair
Shower and toilet chair on casters that can be packed into its own case
Hand disinfectionHand wash in handbag
- reduces risk of infection – suitable for people with disabilities
User sitting on her harness with straps around stomach and thighsHarness for easy transfers
- makes transfers simple both for the user and the assistant
Hockey pucks, photo from sv.wikipedia.orgHockey pucks
Hockey pucks can be used as blocks to raise hotel beds - suitable for persons with disabilities
User's assistant attaches hood to wheelchairHood to protect joystick
A metal hood protects electric wheelchair joystick during plane trips
User lying in wheelchair with leg rest attachedLeg rest for electric wheelchair
Easily assembled leg rest, used to be able to sleep in electric wheelchair
The person in the photo is not the user. Photo from eloflex.seLightweight, convenient folding electric wheelchair
– easy to bring along in the car and on trips
The user uses the mobile coughing assistive deviceMobile assistive device for coughing
An assistive device that provides support for coughing even when traveling – suitable for persons who cannot cough on their own
Mobile shower and toilet chair, Aquatec OceanMobile shower/toilet chair on casters
Combined shower and toilet chair on castors
Metal bar of lift mounted on wheelchair attachment sitesMobile toilet
A folding lift attached to the wheelchair makes bathroom visits possible anywhere – suitable for women with extensive disabilities
Toilet chair, pivoted 180 degreesPivoting toilet in RV
– makes bathroom visits easier for people who need assistance
Control unit is removedPlane trip using electric wheelchair (Permobil)
The control unit of an electric wheelchair is dismounted to protect it during the plane trip
Plastic lawn chair Plastic lawn chair works as shower chair when traveling
Wheelchair users can shower while traveling without extra baggage
Portable shampoo basinPortable basin for washing hair
Assistive device to wash hair while sitting in a wheelchair - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Portable ramp lying in the cargo area of the vehiclePortable ramp
A portable ramp in the car helps deal with the occasional step with the wheelchair.
Portable rampsPortable telescoping ramps
Lightweight adjustable-length aluminum ramps
Cushion with air cellsPressure-relieving cushion for plane trips
– suitable for people with impaired sensation
Wooden ramp to RVRamp to adapted RV
Custom-designed stable ramp for adapted RV – an option for people who drive wheelchairs
Cover with four overlapping padsSanitary pad and cover for urinary incontinence during travel
Old-fashioned diaper cover combined with sanitary pads for urinary incontinence for use while traveling abroad.
User drives his scooter outdoorsScooter for travel
Small, convenient electric scooter that can easily be disassembled - suitable for travel
Self-inflating seat pad on shower chairSelf-inflating shower cushion
A self-inflating seat pad works well as shower cushion – suitable for wheelchair users who have impaired sensation
Bottom sheet in bed for urinary incontinenceSheet for urinary incontinence
Sheet to have at home or while traveling, useful for persons with urinary incontinence.
Chameleon travel shower chair with extra foam cushionShower chair while traveling
Small folding travel shower chair on casters – large and tall people do not sit well on it
Shower in RV with ceiling lift and shower chairShower in RV
Custom shower stall with ceiling lift and shower chair – suitable for a person with extensive disabilities
Molift Smart 150. Photo from www.etac.comSmall folding and portable mobil hoist
- makes trips easier
User transports a suitcase on suitcase holderSuitcase holder
Hinged suitcase holder – simple way for wheelchair user to transport suitcases
Suitcase with wheelchair symbolSuitcase with wheelchair symbol
Wheelchair symbol on suitcases makes it easy to find suitcase at baggage claim
Power-driven wheelchair wheels with tire repair kitTire puncture repair kit or solid tires to prevent puncture
The tire puncture repair kit makes it possible to quickly repair punctured wheelchair tires.
A hole was cut from the wheelchair seat.Toilet seat - modification of ordinary wheelchair
Toilet seat - customized wheelchair seat, facilitates bathroom visits when traveling.
Low trailerTrailer for luggage
Conny uses a trailer for his power wheelchair and assistive devices when traveling in his jeep
Travel kitchenTravel kitchen
Kitchen travel kit that makes it easy for a person who uses a wheelchair to prepare food, even if the environment is not adapted
Accessibility sightseeing and hotel guide in SpainTraveling in Spain
Detailed accessibility guide for Castilla la Mancha in Spain
User at the beachTraveling with electric wheelchair and ventilator
Works well with the right luggage and preparations
USB memory on keychainUSB memory with medical information
Accessible medical information suitable for people with specific diagnoses and medical care needs
Panthera wheelchair with e-fixWheelchair E-fix
An electric wheelchair that can easily be converted to a manual wheelchair - appropriate for travel