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Erika lives in a house together with her partner and two infants. She is working part time. In 1994 she was injured and has a low tetraplegia (C7). Sometimes she uses help provided by the local government when she is going out with her children.

21 tips and ideas 
Accessible patio showing house entranceAccessible patio
Raising the entire patio to the same level as the house avoids ramps directly in front of the entry door.
User next to crib with the gate open
Photo:  Tomas EngblomAdjustable-height crib
Crib suitable for parents with disabilities who have young children
Wheelchair wheel with red tires and spokesAttractive tires and spokes for wheelchair wheels
Colorful light tires and spokes for manual wheelchair
Child in baby carrier on user's lap. 
Photo: Tomas EngblomBaby carrier for wheelchair-bound parents of small children
Baby carrier that makes it possible to ride in wheelchair with child on lap.
Cat leashCat leash: assistive device for parents of young children
An assistive device for parents with disabilities who have young children so that the child cannot run away.
User vacuumsCentral vacuum cleaner
A cleaning aid for wheelchair users.
Child is on stomach on user's lap; user removes diaperChanging a diaper with child sitting on lap
Technique for changing diapers that works for wheelchair users.
User moves child over to chair. 
Photo: Tomas EngblomChildren's chair that opens from the side
A children's chair that is suitable for wheelchair-using parents of young children and who find it difficult to lift the child in and out of an ordinary highchair.
Combi stroller with soft fabric carrierCombi stroller with soft fabric carrier
A Combi-stroller works well for parents with disabilities who have young children
User controls a sewing machine with her forearmControlling sewing machine with arms
Technique to control sewing machine for wheelchair users
Glassed-in patio with ramp to gardenGlassed-in patio
Glassed-in patio with ramps for wheelchair users
Threshold rampIndoor threshold ramp
Threshold ramp that protects parquet floor
Modified baby harnessModified baby harness
An assistive device to help parents with disabilities who have young children to pick the child up from the floor.
Modified crib with fabric over the opening of the bedModified crib on wheels
Crib on wheels with the opening on one long side suitable for parents with disabilities who have young children
Plastic lawn chair Plastic lawn chair works as shower chair when traveling
Wheelchair users can shower while traveling without extra baggage
ROHO-MINI-MAX cushion on shower chairPressure relieving shower cushion
Used successfully in many contexts, such as the shower, airplane trips, the car, etc.
Shower chair with soft back and swinging armrestShower chair with soft back and swinging armrest
A small shower chair that helps maintain balance.
User with sled on ice skates. 
Photo: Tomas EngblomSled on skate runners
Ice skating for people with disabilities
Spring mattress with hard edgeSpring mattress with hard edge
Specially ordered hard edge in the spring mattress facilitates transfers for wheelchair-bound persons with impaired balance.
Storage bin on castersStorage bin on casters
Toy storage bin on casters is appropriate for parents with disabilities who have young children
Front of bookTips and Tricks for parents with disabilities
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