homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Conny lives in a house together with his daughters. He is working part time. In 1994 he was injured and he has a high lesion (C4). He has personal assistance 24 hours a day, 3,5 hours a day he has two persons assisting him.

21 tips and ideas 
Bag sitting on user's feet on wheelchair footrestsBag on wheelchair
A practical bag for wheelchair users. The user can keep an eye on the bag at the same time that it keeps the user's feet in place.
picture missingBathing while traveling
You can leave the shower chair at home and wash with a sponge in bed.
User with battery-operated-electric-toothbrushBattery-operated electric toothbrush
Electric toothbrush facilitates dental care for persons who cannot hold a toothbrush unassisted.
Bicycle holder mounted on car with manual wheelchairBicycle holder for manual wheelchair
A bicycle holder mounted on a tow hook can be used for a manual wheelchair
Combined ceiling fan and lightCeiling fan
The ceiling fan helps when it gets too hot in the summer; appropriate for persons who have problems with temperature regulation.
Chaps lying on floorChaps-style trousers for wheelchair users
Chaps are easy to put on and take off while sitting in a wheelchair.
User at computer workstationComputer workstation
A computer workstation for persons who use their head to control the computer.
Clothespin with reflector on the user's eyeglassesCustom modification to control computer with head mouse
The reflector that controls the head mouse is glued to a small clothes pin
Using mobile phone on holder with mouth stickHolder for mobile phone and cordless home phone
With a holder for the mobile phone and a stick the user can operate the telephone with his mouth.
FireplaceKeys on string A method to always have keys along
No more dropping and looking for keys with the key ring on a string
Mattress for pressure ulcer preventionMattress for pressure ulcer prevention, with compressor
Hanging the compressor on a string can reduce vibrations.
Mobile floor lift GolvoMobile lift
Mobile lift Liko Golvo has an electric adjustable frame for easy transfers to a couch.
Portable ramp lying in the cargo area of the vehiclePortable ramp
A portable ramp in the car helps deal with the occasional step with the wheelchair.
User with rain poncho from the frontRain poncho for bicyclists
A rain poncho for bicyclists works as rain gear for wheelchair users.
Shower chair with customized armrestShower chair with customized armrest
Appropriate for persons who do not have arm or hand function.
Roho cushion and nylon beltSitting in jeep at motocross
For people who do not have arm and/or hand function and cannot keep their balance an extra seatbelt and a strap around the hands help them to maintain a stable seated position.
Spray bottle and userSpray bottle with pump
A water spray bottle works well for cooling off on hot days.
Power-driven wheelchair wheels with tire repair kitTire puncture repair kit or solid tires to prevent puncture
The tire puncture repair kit makes it possible to quickly repair punctured wheelchair tires.
Low trailerTrailer for luggage
Conny uses a trailer for his power wheelchair and assistive devices when traveling in his jeep
Wheat cushion on user’s headWheat cushion provides extra heat
Wheat cushion appropriate for persons who freeze easily.
Snus tool and snus container“Snus” tool
With a "prismaster” tool the assistant does not have to handle the "snus” smokeless tobacco when helping someone who is unable to take snus unassisted.