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User holds child on lap using the belt. Photo from mammapappalam.seBelt for child on lap
A lightweight elastic belt is threaded through the front belt loops of the parent's trousers and serves as a safety belt for a child seated on the parentís lap
User with child in lap cradle. Photo from mammapappalam.seLap cradle with buckle
A soft cradle for a baby to lie on the parentís lap Ė suitable for parents who use a wheelchair and have young children
The user with daughter in baby sling. Photo from mammapappalam.seLong elastic baby sling for parents of young children
An ordinary elastic baby sling works well for a person sitting in a wheelchair
Child holding on to Skip hop handle. Photo from mammapappalam.seSkip hop handle
A soft plastic handle to install on the wheelchair that a child can hold onto instead of holding a parentís hand.