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Claes lives in an apartment together with his wife and a son. He is working full time. In 1984 he was injured and has a low tetraplegia. He does not have any personal assistance.

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Raised planting bedsAccessible herb garden
Raised beds facilitate gardening especially for wheelchair users.
Counter without lower, cabinet with electric cooktop, gas stove and sinkAccessible kitchen
Accessible kitchen in summer home with room for large family. Several people can cook simultaneously, both standing and wheelchair users.
Counter with kneespace and open shelvesAccessible kitchen on summer home veranda
Instead of adapting the kitchen in the summer home a new kitchen was built on the veranda.
Accessible saunaAccessible sauna
Sauna increases well-being of person with quadriplegia
Suspended washbasinAdapted bathroom
Adapted bathroom in wood
Washbasin with hand shower and toiletAdapted bathroom
Adapted bathroom in vacation home
User at center consoleAdapted center console on motorboat
- enables to drive a boat sitting in a wheelchair
Sailboat at dockAdapted sailboat
Adapted sailboat that a person who uses a wheelchair and has impaired hand function can steer.
Entrance with step and ramp on the sideAdapted summer home
Ramp and outdoor kitchen were built to make the summer home wheelchair accessible.
Wood board with opening between sofasBerth on sailboat
Solution for persons with incontinence problems.
Built-in microwave ovenBuilt-in microwave oven
Space-saving installation of microwave oven in accessible kitchen.
Ramp to carport, carport closedCarport for electric wheelchair
Carport for electric wheelchair ‘Garage’ with remote control.
Frying pan on LPB stoveCast-iron frying pan on LPG stove
Frying pan on LPB stove in adapted outdoor kitchen
User takes a photo of a red mark using a selfie stick. Photo: Lars 'Geson' Andersson from Spinalis’ handbookCheck wounds using camera on selfie stick
A selfie stick makes it possible to keep an eye on the entire body – suitable for people with disabilities and impaired sensation
User sitting in cockpitCockpit in adapted sailboat
Cockpit in adapted sailboat with slide-out table top.
BathtubCustom-built bathtub in larch wood
Larch wood bathtub with broad edge to help with transfers and stops for the feet; suitable for people with disabilities
Suspended washbasinCustom-built, suspended washbasin
Practical and aesthetic solution for washbasin that works for wheelchair users with impaired balance.
Customized motorboatCustomized motorboat
Wheelchair accessible motorboat equipped with lift.
Dodger on sailboatDodger on adapted sailboat
Custom easy-to-use dodger keeps user warm and dry on boat; extremely suitable for persons with physical disabilities.
Electric winchElectric winch on adapted sailboat
A person with disabilities can use an electric winch to independently handle sails and anchor.
Cantilevered ramp between stationary and floating docks (close-up)
Floating dock
A floating dock guarantees an even height between dock and boat, facilitating transfers for wheelchair users.
Stone mortar and pestleLarge stone mortar and pestle
A mortar and pestle makes it easy to crush nuts and spices for persons with poor hand function.
User with leg in raised positionLegs in raised position in active wheelchair
Holding legs in raised position accelerates wound healing
User on lift platformLift in adapted motorboat
Wheelchair users move independently from dock to motorboat using lift platform
Conquest motorcycleMotorcycle for wheelchair users
The motorcycle can be operated while sitting in a wheelchair
Tilting wood board between cockpit and saloonMoving between cabin and cockpit
Technique for wheelchair users to transfer in adapted sailboat.
Pivoting faucetPivoting water faucet with long range
Wall-hung kitchen faucet with long range appropriate for people with disabilities
Radio at center consoleRadio on adapted motorboat
A radio on a boat is essential for people with disabilities
Radio on sailboatRadio on sailboat
A radio on the sailboat is essential for people with disabilities
User with rain capeRain cape
Rain cape appropriate for wheelchair users
User drives up ramp; wood board between ramp and motorboatRamp on dock for motorboat
Custom-built ramp bridges space between dock and boat.
User at stove, sitting on toilet with wood boardSailboat galley
Adapted kitchen on sailboat in which a person with quadriplegia can cook.
Toilet seat covered with wood board, water heaterShower/toilet on adapted sailboat
Practical space-saving solution for shower and toilet on adapted sailboat.
User by the ovenSide-hinged oven with extra magnets
Even if the oven is not installed in a cabinet it works well for wheelchair users with reasonable hand and arm function.
SinkSink in accessible kitchen
Sink works well for wheelchair users and persons with impaired balance.
Container for household compostStainless steel container for household compost
Odorless household compost container on counter.
User on stairliftStairlift with platform
Stairlift that travels over 3 floors in a slightly curved stairway; for wheelchair users.
picture missingSummer home
Totally refurbished wheelchair-accessible summer home
Telescoping ramps on motorboatTelescoping ramps on motorboat
Telescoping ramp is used to bring electric wheelchair onto motorboat.
User drives the PendelThree-wheel electric scooter
Electric scooter onto which a manual wheelchair can be driven.
Stationary lift next to sailboat on floating dockTransfer between sailboat and wheelchair with stationary lift
Transfer from sailboat to wheelchair with stationary hydraulic lift
User receives help to place feet on deckTransfer from wheelchair to sailboat
Transfer from wheelchair to sailboat with help from one person.
Sailboat boomUsing boom to transfer onto sailboat
The boom of the sailboat and an electric winch can be used as a lift for persons with physical disabilities