homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Amphibious vehicle with lift (the people in the picture are relatives of the user)Custom designed lift for car
- lift that allows a person with extensive disabilities to get into a car with open roof
Urine bottle, modified with Velcro closureModified urine bottles
Modifications that facilitate use of urine bottle
Modified walkerModified walker
Walker with saddle seat makes it possible to take breaks during gait training – technique for people with poor balance and impaired gait
“Urination hook” attached under the cushion on the wheelchair seat plate“Urination hook” with durable rubber tourniquet
The urination hook is an assistive device for persons with compromised arm/hand function who use a urine bottle or drain their bladder intermittently
User with “urination hook” – hanger style“Urination hook” – hanger style
- am assistive device for people with impaired hand function