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Ragge lives together with his wife in a house. He is developing ideas which make everyday life easier for himself and for others. He was injured in 1973 and has a high tetraplegia. He has homehelp 27 hours a week.

70 tips and ideas 
Accessible deskAccessible desk
Desk with double work surface and accessible control panel for electric outlets
Cord switch attached to the work tableAccessible placement of power switch for desk lamp
- suitable for people with extensive physical disabilities
Key ring taped to a Clas Ohlson catalogueAdaptation for book or magazine
A key ring taped to a book makes it possible for a person with impaired hand function to handle the book
Stand for rinse device next to toilet chairAdapted colon cleansing kit
An adapted colon cleansing kit makes it possible for a person with a spinal cord injury to take care of body functions faster
Water containerAdapted colon cleansing kit for travel
The Clysmatic colonic kit can be used while traveling
Adapted dosetteAdapted dosette
The dosette is useful for persons with impaired hand function
User with orthosis on handAdapted eating utensils
Orthosis makes independent eating possible for a person with a high spinal cord injury.
Cradle on electric wheelchair joystickAdapted joystick for electric wheelchair
A cradle that sits on the electric wheelchair’s joystick makes independent operation possible for a person with impaired hand function
Adapted mouseAdapted mouse
Simple modifications enable a person with impaired hand function to use a mouse with trackball
Key ring attached to oven handleAdapted oven handle
Simple adjustment makes it possible for a person with compromised arm and/or hand function to open an oven door
Key ring on oven thermometerAdapted oven thermometer
A key ring is used to adapt an oven thermometer combined with a timer
Adapted phoneAdapted phone with storage
Voice-controlled portable telephone that works and is always accessible for a person who uses an electric wheelchair and has impaired hand function
The user holds the radio, little finger inserted in key ringAdapted radio
Simple modifications make a transistor radio manageable for a person with impaired hand function
User looks through binocularsBinoculars with stand
Binoculars on stand; can be used by persons without active hand function.
Bird feeding stationBird-feeding station outside the window
- makes it possible to watch birds without having to go outside
Breakfast cart with pull-out board and round board pulled outBreakfast cart
Using the breakfast cart the user (who operates a wheelchair and has impaired hand function) can treat his wife to breakfast in bed
User takes a picture with mouth stickCamera on stand
Camera on stand that a person without active hand function can operate
The user pulls on the string of the cat toyCat toy that is controlled using the mouth
A customized design that enables someone with extensive disabilities to play with his cat
The user cleans his wheelchair tiresCleaning wheelchair tires
Aluminum structure enables an individual who drives an electric wheelchair to clean the tires independently
Wood stand with oil bottle next to stoveCooking, tilting holder for oil/butter
Stand that enables a person with impaired hand function to pour oil, liquid margarine or other liquid into a pan
User with assistive device for coughing.Coughing aid
Assistive device provides support for coughing; suitable for persons who are unable to cough by themselves
User with carving fork on handCustom-designed carving fork
Fork enables a person without active hand function to turn food in frying pan.
Electric toothbrush with handleCustomized electric toothbrush
The handle of the electric toothbrush enables a person without active hand function to brush teeth independently.
Night table with attachment on bedCustomized night table
An all-in-one night table with room for many functions that helps a person with a high injury to stay in touch with and have control over the rest of the world even when in bed
Wheelchair table on stand in low positionCustomized wheelchair table
Wheelchair table enables a person with impaired arm and hand function to eat, read and write
Ski pass holder attached to door handleDoor closer for exterior door
A simple solution to close the door after entering or leaving, suitable for wheelchair users
User at his computer workstationEasily accessible computer workstation
Practical furnished computer workstation for people with extensive disabilities
Wheelchair table on stand in high positionEat a sandwich without using hands
Plexiglas table on stand enables persons without active hand function to eat food such as a sandwich.
Entrance telephone on night tableEntrance telephone in night table
The entrance telephone is always accessible when the user is in bed – suitable for persons who cannot transfer from the bed independently
User with tray on lapFolding tray
- can replace a table when necessary – suitable for people who use electric wheelchair
User makes a phone call with help of free phone number information serviceFree phone number information
- service for people with disabilities (in Sweden)
Hair brush on “cough rod”Hair brush on stand
Hair brush on stand – assistive device makes scratching possible for persons without active hand function
User holding a bottle with ring finger in the device’s ring (close-up)Hold and transport a bottle
A small specially designed assistive device for persons without active hand function, which makes it possible to take a bottle out of the cooler and to transport it
Knife with attachment deviceKitchen knife with holder
Kitchen knife with orthotic, works well for a person who lacks active hand function
User lying in wheelchair with leg rest attachedLeg rest for electric wheelchair
Easily assembled leg rest, used to be able to sleep in electric wheelchair
Bed unit fitted with headphones and contact for blowing.Listen to radio and control bed
Opportunity to listen to radio in bed without disturbing a partner; suitable for persons who have compromised hand/arm function.
The user drinks using a long strawLong straw
- enables people without function in arms or legs to drink independently
Microwave with pull-out board underneathMicrowave oven
People without active hand function can independently heat food and prepare coffee in the microwave.
The user uses the mobile coughing assistive deviceMobile assistive device for coughing
An assistive device that provides support for coughing even when traveling – suitable for persons who cannot cough on their own
Modified keyboardModified keyboard
Simple keyboard modifications make it easier for people with impaired hand function
Modified remote control devicesModified remote control devices
Modifications enable a user without finger function to grasp controllers and use them
Security token modified with key ring and Plexiglas sheetModified security token
Modification of security token simplifies use for people with impaired hand function
Plastic mug in holder on electric wheelchairMug and mug holder on electric wheelchair
Suitable mug for persons with loss of sensation and compromised arm and/or hand function; the mug is always accessible in a holder on the electric wheelchair
Onion and vegetable cutterOnion and vegetable cutter
An assistive device that quickly and easily cuts onions and other vegetables – suitable for persons who lack active hand function
Control unit is removedPlane trip using electric wheelchair (Permobil)
The control unit of an electric wheelchair is dismounted to protect it during the plane trip
Transistor radio hanging from wheelchair armrestRadio on electric wheelchair
A radio that the user can bring along on the electric wheelchair
User with razor on standRazor on stand
Razor enables persons without active hand function to shave independently
Night table with book support extended (reading table)Read and snack in bed
Combined reading and snack table integrated in a customized night table, suitable for persons with compromised or no arm and/or hand function
Programmable unitReminder to take medicine at the right time
Assistive device reminds user to take his medicine on time
Adapted remote controlRemote control for wall radio
The remote control unit for the radio is always accessible from the bed
User with barbecue fork on wheelchair standRod on stand to barbecue hotdogs
A barbecue fork on a stand enables a person without active hand function to barbecue hotdogs.
Safety string around user’s chestSafety string for wheelchair
Discrete string prevents a person who operates an electric wheelchair and has poor balance from falling forward
Suspended scaleScale
A suspended scale with a ceiling lift is appropriate for persons who transfer with ceiling lift
Attachment of string (close-up)Simple mechanical door closer
Simple solution for wheelchair users to close outward-opening doors
Telephone on swivel armSpeaker phone on swivel arm
Adapted speaker phone works for a person without active hand function
Stand extended on wheelchair attachmentStand – the user’s “third hand”
A telescopic slide-out iron rod/stand to which many types of equipment can be attached. This stand enables a user who does not have any active hand function to hold on to various types of equipment.
Holder for remote control units on swivel telephone armStorage for remote control for radio/phone
Remote control units that sit on a firm surface are easier to use for persons with impaired hand function
"Muurikka grill"Summer kitchen on wheels
Carefully planned versatile indoor/outdoor summer kitchen used for transporting, cooking, barbecuing and smoking food, as well as for a dining table
Speaker phone and mobile phone on holder, TV remote sitting attached to the telephone with a rubber bandTelephone by night table
With a holder for speaker phone by the bed, the telephone is always accessible for persons with impaired arm and/or hand function.
Telephone holder on shower chairTelephone holder on shower chair
Accessible phone even when showering
Thermometer and clock on electric wheelchair’s control panelThermometer and clock on wheelchair
A thermometer and clock that are always accessible
User with foot on the computer’s power buttonTurning on computer with foot
- an easy way to turn on the computer for people who drive a wheelchair
The user holds the universal rod with his wrist in one cradle and small finger in the metal loopUniversal rod – description
A specially designed universal rod to retrieve both light and heavy objects – suitable for persons with compromised arm/hand function
User picks up remote control unitUniversal rod – use
Custom-designed rod enables persons with compromised arm/hand function to reach, retrieve and handle a number of different objects.
User with dental floss holder in mouthUsing dental floss
A person with impaired hand and arm function can use dental floss using only mouth and tongue movements
Voice-controlled TVVoice-controlled TV
- simplifies life for people with severe disabilities
Adapted wireless switchWireless switch
Adapted wireless remote control for switch
Shortcuts to the user’s favorite websitesWiVik On-screen keyboard
WiVik and shortcuts facilitate computer use for people with extensive disabilities
User types on computer with mouth stickWriting stick for computer
Simple mouth stick can be used for pocket calculators and certain computer functions (pressing multiple keys) – suitable for persons without active hand function
“Blow bottle” on folding arm“Blow bottle” for breathing training at workplace
Easily accessible exercise device to improve lung capacity