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Martin lives together with his wife in a house. He is working part time. He was injured in 2000 and has a high tetraplegia (C4). He has personal assistance 24 hours a day.

31 tips and ideas 
House with large windows on sloping lot, front viewAccessible house
Well-planned house – suitable for a person with disabilities who has a family and assistants
Accessible sauna with hinged bench Accessible sauna
Large sauna planned for electric wheelchair access
Sink with lower cabinetsAdapted bathroom
Spacious bathroom adapted for a wheelchair user without any arm or hand function
Automatic door opener, entranceAutomatic door opener
Automatic door opener suitable for persons who drive a wheelchair
User eating with besticBestic flatware
A simple maneuverable assistive device for eating – suitable for disabled people who can’t use their arms and hands
Programmable wall outletsBus system for electrical installations
The bus system makes it possible to control all electrical functions in the house from one transmitter; suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Ceiling lift with motor cassette and wall tracksCeiling lift
Discreet ceiling lift with attractive design
Closet with closed sliding doorsCloset with sliding doors
Large closet in bedroom with sliding doors and easy-to-see interior
Entrance door, lower levelEntrance on lower floor
Entrance designed to rinse off dirty wheelchair wheels
Entrance telephoneEntrance telephone
Entrance telephone makes it possible to speak with someone standing outside the door and enables to open and lock the door from the bed
Liko Light. Photo: www.liko.seFolding floor lift
Folding lift that can be transported in 3 bags
Gewa progress, mounted on the inside of the wheelchair armrestGewa Progress - advanced remote control
Well arranged, high-capacity infrared transmitter for environmental control system
Shower stall with glass doors closedGuest bathroom with accessible shower stall
Shower stall with folding walls, without plinth
Covered entryHouse entrance
Entrance to adapted house
Aquatec Laguna hygienic chair with ROHO hygiene cushionHygienic chair
Shower and hygienic chair with customized armrest, suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
User controls spoon with joystick; a glass for beverages sits in a holder.My Spoon eating aid
- an electronic aid that enables people without arm and hand function to eat by themselves
Garden with asphalt-paved path up to the  terrace by the houseNatural garden
Accessible natural garden
Patio table and user, who slides under with PermobilOutdoor furniture
Outdoor furniture suitable for persons who use electric wheelchair
Pressure relieving mattress picture 1Pressure relieving mattress
Mattress for pressure ulcer prevention with quiet motor – suitable for persons with ulcer problems
Transmitter for wireless alarmRoom for assistants
A separate room for assistants improves privacy for the user and the assistants
Elevator door, upper levelShaft elevator in accessible house
Shaft elevator in 2-storey house – suitable assistive device for wheelchair users
Chameleon travel shower chair with extra foam cushionShower chair while traveling
Small folding travel shower chair on casters – large and tall people do not sit well on it
Counter between kitchen and dining roomSpacious kitchen
Spacious kitchen in accessible house
Spacious light bedroomSpacious light bedroom
Spacious light bedroom – suitable for persons with disabilities who need to spend much of their time in bed
Sitting area in living roomSpacious living room
Spacious living room with glass walls on two sides – suitable for wheelchair users
Wall-mounted open shelves in storage roomStorage room
Practical storage adjacent to bedroom – suitable for wheelchair users
User with mobile phone and headsetTelephone for persons without arm/hand function
Telephone does not work satisfactorily for persons without arm/hand function
Laptop with head mouse on special table in bedUse of computer with head mouse in bed
Custom-made laptop table for use in bed – highly appreciated assistive device for persons who control the computer with a head mouse
Spacious wood terrace with glass door to living roomWell-planned wood terrace
Large easily accessible wood terrace that makes it possible for a wheelchair user to easily spend time outdoors on a sloping lot
Window opener; small box sitting on window sill, open windowWindow opener
Remote control electric window opener
Work table with space for knees, manually adjustable height.Workroom with computer workstation
Workroom with computer workstation for a person who controls the computer with a head mouse