homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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The person was injured as a child. She lives with her family in an apartment and works full time. She does not have any home help or assistance.

7 tips and ideas 
Babysitter attached to tableBabysitter chair on table
Babysitter chair mounted on table with casters, appropriate for parents who are wheelchair users.
Large backpack for travel suspended from the wheelchair handles (viewed from the side). Please note that the person in this photo is not the tipsterBackpack that fits well with wheelchair
Narrow backpack model, fits well for long trips with wheelchair.
Book for parents with physical disabilitiesBook for parents with physical disabilities
Tips and ideas for parents of young children
Crib, power-operated adjustable heightCrib, adjustable height power-operated
Power-operated adjustable height crib with side rails, user-friendly for parents with disabilities
Highchair with opening from the sideHighchair with opening from the side
Highchair appropriate for children whose parents sit in a wheelchair.
Child's seat attached to tablePortable highchair
Parents who are wheelchair users can attach this portable highchair to the table and lift the child into and out of the seat
A hole was cut from the wheelchair seat.Toilet seat - modification of ordinary wheelchair
Toilet seat - customized wheelchair seat, facilitates bathroom visits when traveling.