homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Kalle lives in an apartment and is studying part time. He was injured in 2001 and has a high tetraplegia (C4). He has personal assistance 24 hours a day, 4 hours a day he has two persons assisting him.

13 tips and ideas 
BabymonitorAlarm for people with disabilities
A baby monitor is a good assistive device for calling the assistant – suitable for persons with compromised arm and hand function
Joystick mounted on camera tripodCamera tripod as joystick holder for controlling computer
Camera tripod works well as a joystick holder for persons who control the joystick with their chin
Computer deskComputer desk
An adjustable height computer desk is suitable for wheelchair users
User in front of computerControl of computer without arm/hand function
Custom modifications make it possible for persons without function in their arms and hands to play computer games
User with reflector on nose and headset for sip/puff control in front of computerControlling the computer with WiVIK and head mouse
Using WiVIK and a head mouse a person without arm and hand function can type on the computer
User sitting at dining tableDining table
Adjustable legs make it possible to adapt the height of the dining table to the individual - suitable for wheelchair users
User with 2 sip/puff controls on headsetExtra sip/puff control for computer
Double sip/puff controls help a person without arm or hand function to play computer games
Headset from behindHeadset for sip/puff controls
Headset for sip/puff controls to control computer that works well
User sitting by heating fanHeating fan
Freestanding heating fan is a good source of supplemental heating for persons who easily become cold
JoyboxJoybox to control computer
Joybox is a keyboard input device suitable for persons without arm or hand function who want to play computer games
User controls joystick with chinJoystick to control computer
Custom-designed joystick to control computer games with chin
Microphone on camera tripodMicrophone to control computer
The microphone is an alternative method for controlling a computer for persons who do not have arm or hand function to play computer games
Sheet of reflectorsReflectors for controlling head mouse
Reflectors from Panduro Hobby are less expensive and better for controlling the head mouse than the accompanying reflectors