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Susanne lives in an apartment. She studies as well as working full time as a free-lance journalist. She was injured in 1982 and has a high spinal cord injury (C5). Through hand surgery her grip function in her left hand improved. She has personal assistance.

41 tips and ideas 
Sliding board between wheelchair and car seat; user sitting in wheelchairBroom handle for back support when transferring to automobile
Independent transfer to car by person with high spinal cord injury.
Large plastic bag suspended from ceiling lift hangerCeiling lift in bathroom
Used not only as an aid for transfers, but also as an assistive device to enable high quadriplegics to wash.
Ceramic cooktopCeramic cooktop in a modified kitchen
A flat cooktop facilitates handling of pots and reduces the risk of tipping.
Table fanCooling fan
Cooling fan for persons who have problems with temperature control.
Countertop dishwasher with basket pulled outCountertop dishwasher in modified kitchen
A countertop dishwasher that fits below a low work surface.
Custom tailored skirt with high backCustom tailored skirt
Custom tailored skirt for Susanne, who uses a wheelchair.
DeskCustom-built desk
Custom-built desk for persons with limited reach.
Positioning cushionCustom-made positioning cushion
Positioning cushion filled with polyester pellets that persons with impaired balance use to be able to sit in bed.
Storage unit with drawer pulled outEasily accessible mobile storage unit
A storage unit on castors can be used to keep many items organized and easily accessible, even for wheelchair users
Bracket with s-hooksEasily accessible storage in modified kitchen
Wall hung bracket with s-hooks and storage basket provide easily accessible storage in the modified kitchen.
Storage basketEasily accessible storage in modified kitchen
Practical food storage in a modified kitchen
Bottle opener shown from aboveEasy-grip bottle opener
Bottle opener that can be used by persons with impaired hand function
Upper cabinetElectrically maneuvered cabinet in accessible kitchen
Remote-controlled adjustable height upper cabinet in accessible kitchen.
Chameleon travel shower chair with extra foam cushionFolding shower chair on wheels
Shower chair on castors that can be packed into a suitcase.
Plastic bag sealed with a plastic clampHandy plastic clamp
Plastic clamp for sealing plastic bags that even works for persons with impaired hand function.
Heating fanHeating fan with built-in thermostat
A heating fan by the workplace helps persons with impaired hand and/or arm function to avoid tension in their shoulders.
Bedroom with ceiling liftIndependent transfer with ceiling lift
Independent transfer with ceiling lift
The user must overcome difficulties to transfer independently using a ceiling lift.
Countertop, stove and sink without a cabinet underneath and a curtain to hide the knee spaceIndividually modified kitchen
The user chose fixed low work surfaces. The closer the work surface to the knees, the better she can work independently in the kitchen.
Lid opener, photo from www.euforia.seJar and bottle opener suitable for people with weak hands
Jar and bottle opener that can work for people with extremely impaired hand function
Wallet with key ring in zipperKey ring in zipper
Persons with impaired dexterity can use a zipper if they attach a key ring to the zipper tab.
Ironing board in kitchen drawer, foldedKitchen drawer with built-in ironing board
Built-in ironing board appropriate for wheelchair-bound users
Knife blockKnife block suitable for persons with impaired grip
A knife block in which knives are placed horizontally is suitable for persons with impaired grip.
Ladle with large handleLadle suitable for persons with impaired grip
A ladle with a large handle sits well in the hand and is easy to balance for persons with impaired hand function.
Mirror with hat rack underneathMake-up table for wheelchair-bound persons
Individually designed make-up table for wheelchair users.
Microwave ovenMicrowave oven with easy-grip handle
The handle is the deciding factor for choice of microwave oven for persons with impaired grip.
Oven in upper cabinet with side-hinged doorOven in modified kitchen
Oven with side-opening door makes it easier for wheelchair users with impaired balance to remove hot bakeware from the oven.
Pantry with slide-out storagePantry with slide-out storage
Pantry with slide-out storage suitable for accessible kitchen.
The milk carton is on the floor next to the user's wheelchair wheel and she places a towel next to it.Picking things up from the floor with a towel
A towel can serve as an assistive device for persons with impaired hand function to pick up objects from the floor.
Pot with large handlesPot with large handles
Easy-grip handles, appropriate for persons with impaired hand function
Open kitchen drawer with spice rackPractical spice storage in modified kitchen
Easily accessible spice storage in clear view
Refrigerator with door pulled outRefrigerator and freezer with pull-out doors and shelves
Refrigerator and freezer with pull-out doors and shelves work well for wheelchair-bound persons with impaired balance.
picture missingRosemary oil for swollen feet
Susanne uses rosemary oil and avoids wearing support hose for swollen legs.
Shower chair Rufus with Roho cushionSmall chair for shower with armrest and back
Space-saving solution for persons with high spinal cord injuries who have a ceiling lift in the bathroom.
User resets circuit breakers high up on the wall using a squeegeeSqueegee, an assistive device for circuit breakers
Wheelchair users can use a squeegee to reset circuit breakers.
Two containers one on top of the other and a third along sideStorage containers for persons with impaired grip
Practical food storage for persons with impaired grip.
Storage unit on casters under workspace with knee accessStorage unit on casters under workspace with knee access
Convenient mobile storage units work well in accessible kitchens.
User takes photos with remote release cableTake photos with remote release cable
Camera with remote release - suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User holds frying panTitanium frying pan
A frying pan that works well for persons with impaired hand function.
User with universal strap and typing stick on handTyping sticks for writing on computer
Durable typing sticks; assistive device for persons who lack finger function
Water kettleWater kettle with easy-grip handle
The handle is the deciding factor for choice of water kettle for persons with impaired grip.
Flower pot base with flower potWheeled base for flower pots
Flower pot base facilitates moving flower pots.