homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Max is studying. He lives by himself in an apartment. In 2002 he was injured and has a high tetraplegia (C5 incomplete with remaining sensitivity). He has personal assistance 13 hours a day.

26 tips and ideas 
Lever for accelerator and brake, cover plate in front of original pedalsAccelerator and brake in modified car
Mechanical modification that enables a person with tetraplegia to drive a car
User on the way out to the balconyAccessible balcony
Balcony without threshold facilitates passage for wheelchair users
Ramp in front of entranceAccessible entrance
An aluminum frame and a platform elevator make an apartment building from the turn of the last century accessible for wheelchair users.
Ceramic cooktopCooktop with knee space underneath
Touch panel on cooktop – suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User at counterCounter without lower cabinet in accessible kitchen
Fixed counter without lower cabinet – appropriate in a kitchen used only by a wheelchair user
Counter with stove, work space and sinkCustom-designed kitchen
Custom-designed kitchen for a person who uses a wheelchair
picture missingCustom-designed multilevel apartment
Open, light custom-designed multilevel apartment for wheelchair user
DishwasherDishwasher in accessible kitchen
For persons who cannot reach far it is important that the dishwasher baskets are designed so that all kinds of dishes can be placed toward the front of the baskets
Pot on stove with cutting board next to itDraining hot water from pot
Cooking pasta without assistance – technique for a person with compromised function and strength in arms and hands
Driver's seat rotated 90 degreesElectrically adjustable driver's seat in modified car
- facilitates transfers between wheelchair and driver's seat
Elevated toilet seatElevated toilet seat
An elevated toilet seat makes it easier for wheelchair users to transfer to and from the toilet.
Elevator on lower floorElevator in multilevel apartment
Installing an elevator makes both floors of a multilevel apartment accessible for wheelchair users
Using hand cycle with the help of an exercise gloveExercise gloves
Exercise gloves make it possible to keep a steady grip on exercise equipment for persons with compromised or no dexterity
Guitar control for video gameGuitar Hero – video game controlled with guitar
Video game provides good hand training
Knives on magnetic holderKitchen utensils
Sharp knives make cooking easier for persons with impaired hand function
User operates side door/lift from outside the vehicleLift for modified van
- facilitates transfer to and from the car for people with disabilities
User opens side doorModified Chrysler minivan
- enables a person with tetraplegia to drive a car
User with arm cycleModified exercise bike
A quiet exercise bike modified into an arm cycle – suitable for wheelchair users
Three-point cradle for standard steering wheelModified steering wheel
- enables people with tetraplegia to drive a car
User opens refrigeratorRefrigerator and freezer in accessible kitchen
Refrigerator and freezer with large easy-grip handles – appropriate for persons with impaired hand function
Smart shoelacesSmart shoelaces
Shoelace with magnet makes it easier to put shoes on and take them off – suitable for people with impaired hand function
Drawer as pantryStorage of household utensils and food
Easy to see and easily accessible kitchen drawer – appropriate for wheelchair users
User transports glass of water on tray on lapTransporting objects
Trays make it easy for wheelchair users to transport objects
Pressalit shower stool with backrest and armrestWall-mounted shower stool with armrest
Stable wall-mounted shower stool for easy transfers with sliding board
Washbasin and bathroom cabinetWashbasin in adapted bathroom
Built-in washbasin with easily accessible low bathroom cabinets – suitable for wheelchair users
Waste sorting cabinet, openWaste-sorting cabinet
Practical waste-sorting cabinet that opens automatically