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Anders lives together with his partner in a house. He is working part time. He was injured in 1989 and has a high spinal cord injury (C4-5). He has personal assistance.

40 tips and ideas 
The user's arm and hand on the control device for the accelerator and brakeAccelerator and brake controls in adapted minivan
A person with a high spinal cord injury can operate adapted accelerator and brake controls by fixing his or her hand in place
Joystick with padded cradleAdaptation of joystick on electric wheelchair
A cradle makes it possible for a person without dexterity to control an electric wheelchair with a joystick
User inserts spoon into holder with the help of his mouthAdapted eating utensils
Adapted eating utensils make it possible for a person with a high spinal cord injury to eat without assistance
User on car ramp on the way into the carAdapted minivan
Minivan – modified for a person with high spinal cord injury
Attachment on wheelchair armrestAttachment on wheelchair
A holder on the wheelchair is practical for attaching various objects – suitable for persons with impaired hand function
Whirlpool tubBathroom in wheelchair accessible single-story home
Bathroom with ceiling lift and whirlpool tub
User with binoculars on standBinoculars on stand with holder on wheelchair
Binoculars on a stand work well for persons with compromised arm/hand function
Ceiling lift track with ceiling liftCeiling lift between bed and bathtub
By opening up the wall above the bathroom door Anders can transfer from the bed directly to the bathtub using a ceiling lift
User next to table with control units for TV, etcControl for TV, stereo, etc
Remote controls with foam rubber and writing stick make it possible for persons with impaired hand function to use TV, stereo, etc
Scanning keyboard next to the computer screenControl of computer with external keyboard
Scanning keyboard and head mouse – a method for persons who do not have hand/arm function to control the computer
User wearing headsetControlling computer with head mouse
Suspending a headset from the ceiling makes it easier for a person with impaired hand function to put it on
Armrest with cruise control (red lever)Cruise control in adapted minivan
Use of elbow to operate cruise control – a possibility for persons with high spinal cord injuries
Box with buttonsCustom modifications to adapted minivan
Functions for driving car in box with buttons – suitable for persons with high spinal cord injuries who drive
Kitchen with knee space where user can sit; sink without lower cabinetCustomized modified kitchen
A kitchen designed for a person with a high spinal cord injury
User drinks water through straw from sinkDrinking water directly from the faucet
A method for persons with high spinal cord injury to drink water
User opens valve of urine tubeEmptying the urinary bladder using a holder for the urin tube
By attaching the urine tube to a holder and modifying the valve a person with highly impaired hand function can drain the bladder without assistance
Gewa Prog transmitter  in holderEnvironmental control system on bed
An environmental control system that can be operated from the bed is suitable for persons with high spinal cord injuries
User puts remote control unit in a fabric bag on lapFabric bag for control units
Convenient storage for remote control units, always accessible, suitable for persons with disabilities
Gear panelGearbox in adapted automatic car
Shifting the car's gears with a mouth stick – a solution for drivers with high spinal cord injuries
Glassed in terrace with sliding doorsGlassed-in terrace
Spacious terrace in wheelchair accessible house
User with toothbrush in holderHolder for electric toothbrush
Electric toothbrush in holder enables a person with impaired hand function to brush teeth without assistance
User with stick for miniature steering wheel in universal holderMiniature wheel in adapted minivan
Miniature wheel with attachment for arm and hand - a solution for driving for persons with high spinal cord injury
Garage viewed from inside without car, showing hole in front wall on short side as well as side doorModified garage
Modified garage for a person who drives a minivan equipped with a ramp on the side
Round pedestal kitchen tableModified kitchen table
A round table with a pedestal leg in the middle can be suitable for wheelchair users
User with mouth stickMouth stick
An important assistive device for a person with a high spinal cord injury that can be used in many different situations
User opens sliding doorOpen and close terrace door in adapted house
A simple modification enables a person with a high spinal cord injury to open and close a sliding door without assistance
Baskets on work tablePaper storage in workroom
Paper and documents stored in drawers are convenient and easy to see – suitable for persons with limited reach
User on path into the garage (from inside)Path between garage and house in accessible housing
Short dry path between house and garage – important for persons who use electric wheelchairs and who drive cars
User at back of computerPlacement of computer in adapted workplace
Being able to see the back of the computer makes it easier for people with disabilities to work. It is easier to explain to others how to change cables, etc.
Display with touch buttons to regulate heatRegulation of heat in modified minivan
Heat regulation in adapted car, operated with a mouth stick
Garage door, half openRemote control for garage door
Remote control for garage door - appropriate for people with disabilities who drive
Driver's seat with seatbelt in carSeatbelt in adapted minivan
Permanently fastened seatbelt – a solution for persons who cannot fasten the seatbelt without assistance and who drive while sitting in the wheelchair
Telephone with lifting device and telephone receiver holderTelephone with holder for receiver
Telephone receiver holder – a solution for persons who are unable to hold the receiver
User sitting in car – close-up of wheelchair headrestTurn signal and headlight controls in adapted minivan
The controls for driving the car are placed in the wheelchair headrest – suitable for persons with high spinal cord injuries who drive
User punches in a number with telephone stickTyping and telephone stick
A stick inserted into the universal holder enables a person without dexterity to punch in a phone number and type on a computer
User with writing stickUniversal holder on wrist bandage
Holder for flatware and typing sticks sewn onto wrist bandage, suitable for persons without wrist function or finger dexterity
User with mobile phone in handUsing a mobile phone
Using a mobile phone – method for a person with a high spinal cord injury
Wheelchair attachmentWheelchair attachment in adapted minivan
Wheelchair attachment for persons who drive while sitting in an electric wheelchair
User at workplaceWorkplace at home
Workplace for a person with high spinal cord injury allows user to work from home
User writes with mouthWriting with mouth
Writing with the mouth – an option for people who do not have any arm/hand function