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Suzanne lives together with her husband and children in a house. She is working part time. She was injured in 1991 and has a complete tetraplgia C6. She has personal assistance.

35 tips and ideas 
House with two entrances, one with steps and along side, a second entrance leading directly to elevator Entrance to wheelchair accessible home
Modified home with elevator that also serves as wheelchair accessible entrance
User at sinkAccessible kitchen
Accessible kitchen with adjustable height work surfaces and wall-mounted cabinets – suitable for wheelchair users
User at washbasinAdapted bathroom
Adapted bathroom – suitable for a wheelchair user
Two-part door to bedroomAdapted door for wheelchair user
Wide doors blend in with the style of the house
Shower handle with selecta band (close-up)Adapted shower handle
"Selecta band" on shower handle makes it possible for persons without dexterity to hold on in the shower
Double bedBed, electric adjustable
A solution for a double bed when one member of the couple needs an electric bed
User in clothes closetClothes closet
Practical wheelchair-accessible clothes closet
User sits at workstationComputer workstation at home with MouseTrapper
MouseTrapper facilitates computer work – suitable for persons who have or are at risk of having shoulder problems
User rotates carousel in corner cabinetCorner cabinet with carousel in accessible kitchen
Carousel cabinet makes it easy to see contents and increases accessibility – suitable for wheelchair users
User at dining tableDining table
By pulling out a drawer a wheelchair user can sit at a table that she or he otherwise could not slide in under
Door key card, attached to wheelchair frameDoor opener at work
Opening the door is easy with a key card and card reader – suitable for wheelchair users
Entrance to elevator on ground floorElevator in old-fashioned house
An elevator that fits in with the style of the house and makes it wheelchair accessible
Fire hose installed in bathroomFire extinguisher
Reliable and easy to use equipment to extinguish fire.
Garage and path to garageGarage adapted to minivan
In order to avoid a slope for the car ramp, the level of the ground at the side of the garage was raised to the same level as the floor of the car – suitable for persons with compromised arm function
User opens sliding door to enclosed patioGlassed-in patio with infrared heating
A glassed-in patio allows people who freeze easily to be outdoors on chilly days and evenings – suitable for wheelchair users
User in laundry roomLaundry room
It is important for people with disabilities who cannot do the laundry themselves to maintain control and be able to access the laundry room
Living room with low windowsLow window in accessible living room
Low windows provide a good view for wheelchair users
Elevator opener made of orthotic materialMechanical elevator opener
An emergency solution that makes it possible for a user in a wheelchair with impaired hand function to open the elevator door from the inside, if this should not occur automatically
Microwave oven on sliding boardMicrowave oven on sliding board
Microwave oven on sliding board – a solution for wheelchair users who have limited reach
User pulls out a drawerPaper storage at workstation
Storage in drawers provides easy access to paper and documents – suitable for persons with limited reach
Pull-out bathroom mirrorPull-out bathroom mirror
Easy to use mirror for persons with impaired hand function
Sliding board with handlePull-out board with custom handle
A handle in orthotic material makes it possible for a person with impaired hand function to pull out a sliding board
User drives out through the kitchen doorRamp design, exit to garden
A ramp design with built-in seating area leads from the kitchen to the garden
The user moves the dish from the microwave to the sliding boardRemoving a dish from a microwave oven
Technique for wheelchair user with impaired hand function for using a countertop microwave oven
User turns bookcaseRotating bookcase on casters
Practical space-saving bookcase – suitable for persons with limited reach
User at table – extendedSeating with folding table
Folding table – a place to sit in the sun
Sink with single lever faucetSink with faucet and pull-out hand shower
With the pull-out hand shower a pot that is standing on the stove can be filled with water – suitable for persons with compromised arm/hand function
Sliding door with brass handles (close-up)Sliding door to bedroom, etc
Sliding door with large handles – suitable for wheelchair users who have impaired hand function
Soap pumpStable soap pump
Soap pump makes it easier for persons with impaired hand function to use soap
The user by bureauStorage for draining materials
Bureau with drawers is easily accessible and easy to see for wheelchair users.
User takes medicine with damp thumbTaking medicine
A person without dexterity can dampen a thumb to remove medicine from a dish
User drives up the ramp to the patioTiled patios
Paving or tiles increases accessibility for persons who have compromised arm strength and use a manual wheelchair
Washbasin and bathroom cabinetWashbasin and storage
Washbasin with spacer unit and support for forearms – suitable for wheelchair users and persons with compromised arm/hand function
Modified home, viewed from the front with entranceWheelchair accessible house
Successful modification of old two-story home
User at sauna doorWheelchair accessible sauna
A sauna large enough to accommodate a wheelchair