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Nina lives in an apartment. She is working part time. She was injured in 1996 and has a high tetraplegia (C4). She is a ventilator user. She has two personal assistants 24 hours a day.

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Emergency equipment cartAdapted baggage cart
Emergency equipment cart for ventilator user
Adapted book supportAdapted book support in wood
Adapted to be able to turn pages with a mouth stick - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Split jacket from the backAdapted jacket
Adapted jacket - facilitates dressing for persons who need assistance
User writes with mouth penAdapted pen to be able to write with mouth
The mouthpiece on the pen makes it easier to write with the mouth - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Back support beltBack support belts for assistants
Back support belts prevent back problems for assistants
Bag valve maskBag valve mask (Ambu bag)
Convenient bag valve mask - an important assistive device for ventilator users
User with Bluetooth headsetBluetooth headset for mobile phone
Bluetooth headset enables persons without function in arms or hands to use a mobile phone
User with book cushion on lapBook cushion
Tray with soft knee cushion as book support - suitable for persons who cannot hold a book
Adapted brushBrush with mouthpiece
Adapted brush - suitable for persons who paint with their mouth
'Superbrush' toothbrushBrushing teeth
A toothbrush that makes it easier for someone who needs help brushing teeth and that makes brushing teeth easier for persons with limited motor function
A calendar facilitates organization and planning for personal assistants
ShawlCamel hair shawl to keep shoulders and upper arms warm
Holds heat - appropriate for persons who easily freeze
The user with camera stand fastened to wheelchairCamera arm
Assistive device for persons with extensive disabilities
Clock on wheelchair displayClock on wheelchair display
A clock that is always accessible when sitting in the wheelchair
Spray bottle, photo: Clas OhlsonCooling off when it gets too hot
Simple tips for cooling off - suitable for persons who are sensitive to heat
User paints with her mouthCustom-designed easel
Easel that makes it possible to paint with mouth - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Dental care card (plasticized card)Dental care card
Free dental care - a right for persons with extensive disabilities (in Sweden)
Plackers in packageDental floss loop with integrated dental floss
A useful assistive device for persons who need assistance for dental hygiene
Fire blanket stored on wheelchair between backrest and ventilatorFire blanket
Accessible fire blanket increases security for persons who have difficulties moving
Book holder on deskFolding book holder
Book holder - important assistive device for persons who cannot hold books
User with fur on legsFur
Fur keeps legs warm - suitable for wheelchair users who easily freeze
User with headsetHeadset for landline and mobile phone
Headset for telephone - assistive device for persons with extensive disabilities
Hockey pucks, photo from sv.wikipedia.orgHockey pucks
Hockey pucks can be used as blocks to raise hotel beds - suitable for persons with disabilities
User with lap cushionLap and hand cushions
Cushions in colors that match clothing on which to place arms and hands when sitting in the wheelchair - a possibility for persons with extensive disabilities
Mirror on casters, photo: www.kebocare.seLarge mirror on casters
A mirror is an important assistive device for correcting seated position - suitable for persons who lack sensation
Liniment LinexLiniment Linex
A liniment that helps against muscle pain
Make-up mirrorMake-up mirror
Adjustable mirror helps persons unable to hold a mirror
Manuscript holder with paper (close-up)Manuscript holder
Small lightweight manuscript holder that works well for one paper
Massage rollerMassage roller with flexible joints
Massager that reduces muscle tension in the body
MassagerMassage rollers in various designs
Massage rollers help relieve muscle tension
FlashlightMini flashlight
Small flashlight helps personal assistants work at night without disturbing the person with disabilities
Mobile phone with holder on wheelchairMobile phone with holder on wheelchair
Mobile phone with headset - assistive device for persons without arm and hand function
Page turnerMotorized page turner
Enables persons with extensive disabilities to read books unassisted
Nasal irrigatorNasal irrigator
The nasal irrigator can prevent colds
Move with lift and neck roll (person in the picture is not the user)Neck roll cushion
The neck roll supports and helps to relax the neck during moves - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities who use a personal lift
Non-slip device on rubber bootsNon-slip device for rubber boots
Non-slip device for the user's assistants when they help in the shower
Page turner sitting in the holderPage turner for the mouth
Turn pages with the mouth - an alternative for persons without arm/hand function
Portable shampoo basinPortable basin for washing hair
Assistive device to wash hair while sitting in a wheelchair - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
User lies on back with legs on psoas cushionPositioning cushions in bed
Positioning cushions to lie comfortably, improve circulation and prevent decubitus ulcers - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Plasticized certificatePower of attorney for banking matters
Certificate that allows assistants to use the user's credit card without her providing her PIN code
Projector clockProjector clock
Assistive device suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Rain cover on ventilatorRain cover for ventilator
Rain cover for ventilator - an important aid for persons who have their ventilator on the wheelchair
Shade mounted above the bedShade against light
An assistive device to avoid being disturbed by light at night - suitable for persons who have help from personal assistants
Shower chair TrippShower chair with holder for ventilator tube
Small tilting shower chair - suitable for persons with compromised balance
User drinks teaSmall wheelchair table for tea cup
Cup with straw on wheelchair table enables persons with extensive disabilities to drink unassisted
Stand for ventilator tubeStand for ventilator tube by the bed
Stand with ventilator tube holder - assistive device for persons who use a ventilator
One step next to the bedStep in hard foam
Steps that help personal assistants achieve the right working height
Suction deviceSuction device and suction bottle
Suction device, an important assistive device for ventilator users with tracheotomy
User with camera on standTaking photos with mouth
Camera on stand with remote control - a possibility for persons with extensive disabilities
Glide mat lying on bedTransfer mat
Glide mat for easy horizontal moves for persons with extensive disabilities and for assistants
User at the beachTraveling with electric wheelchair and ventilator
Works well with the right luggage and preparations
User with tube heaterTube heater
The tube heater reduces condensation in the ventilator tube when the user is out in the cold
TV is placed on a stand on the wallTV in bedroom
Mounting the TV on the wall makes it easy to watch TV while lying in bed - suitable for persons who have to spend a lot of time in bed
Peppermint oilVarious types of tea
Refreshing tea instead of coffee
Ventilator in metal box on wheelchairVentilator
Ventilator and its placement on the wheelchair
Warming stone made out of soapstoneWarming stone made out of soapstone
Soapstone is used to keep food warm - practical for slow eaters
User sits in wheelchair, all three control alternatives visibleWheelchair with various steering options
A variety of steering options for an electric wheelchair are important for persons who use their head to drive and easily develop neck pain
The assistant lifts the user's arm with the handle sewn onto the wrist bandageWrist bandage with handle
Strip sewn onto wrist bandage helps assistants to lift the arm of persons with extensive disabilities without pulling on their wrist