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Erik lives together with his wife and his child in a house. He is working part time. He was injured in 1996 and has a high tetraplegia (C4-5). He has personal assistance 21 hours a day.

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Bathroom with shower stall and electric toiletAccessible bathroom in vacation home
A bathroom addition - summer cottage solution for wheelchair users
User at dockAccessible boat dock at vacation home
Hinged floating dock - suitable for wheelchair users
Sauna with glass doorAccessible sauna
Accessible sauna - suitable for persons who drive a wheelchair and who easily freeze
Shower stall with shower wall foldedAccessible shower stall
Shower stall with walls that open and rubber strip - suitable for wheelchair users
Living room in adapted houseAdapted house
Adapted house - suitable for a person with disabilities who has a family and assistants
Motorboat with ramp downAdapted motorboat
Customized boat with built-in ramp and joystick steering - suitable for electric wheelchair users
Wheelchair in boat - strapped down with beltAttachment of wheelchair in boat
Anchor points on the floor of the boat make it possible to attach an electric wheelchair
Large dining table without frameDining table
Large dining table without frame - appropriate for people who drive a wheelchair
User's bedroom with double bed - both beds at same heightDouble bed
Attractive electrically controlled double bed - suitable for persons with physical disabilities
Cinderella electric toiletElectric incinerating toilet
The electric toilet is a good alternative for a vacation home - suitable for wheelchair users
Boat at dock with ramp downFolding ramp on motorboat
- suitable for wheelchair users
Garage with ramp to the doorGarage in adapted house
Garage for minivan in adapted house
User at cribHigh bed with play area
High crib makes it easier for a parent who uses a wheelchair to communicate with their child
User's assistant attaches hood to wheelchairHood to protect joystick
A metal hood protects electric wheelchair joystick during plane trips
User steers boat with joystick controlJoystick steering and navigation of adapted motorboat
- suitable for wheelchair users with impaired hand function
User with life jacketLife jacket
A life jacket that automatically inflates when it lands in the water and does not limit mobility - suitable for persons who operate a wheelchair
Fred 25 motorboat Photo: Katharina RatzkaMotorboat adapted for skipper with extensive disabilities
Adapted motorboat that can be steered by people who use an electric wheelchair and have impaired hand function
Ramp structure in archipelago gardenRamp construction in garden
Wooden ramps and deck structures make a garden in the archipelago wheelchair-accessible
Assistant roomRoom for assistants
A separate room for assistants increases the privacy of the user and the assistants
Adapted portable alarm transmitter attached to the wheelchair cushionSimple adapted alarm to call assistants
Alarm attached to the wheelchair - suitable for persons with physical disabilities and personal assistants
Shower area with glass wall and shower curtainsSpacious bathroom accessible to the entire family
Spacious bathroom - suitable for persons who need assistance in order to shower
Kitchen with long counterSpacious kitchen in accessible house
Kitchen with plenty of room - suitable for electric wheelchair users
User with the boat's joystick on the wheelchair attachmentSteering for boat
Motorboat that can be driven with a joystick - suitable for persons with impaired hand function who drive a wheelchair
Storage with curtainStorage area adjacent to bedroom
Organized storage area - suitable for persons who need assistive devices and hygiene products
StorageStorage for wheelchair and other assistive devices
People with disabilities need room for storage
Wooden terrace in front of vacation homeVacation home terrace
A wood terrace that makes a vacation home wheelchair accessible
Panthera wheelchair with e-fixWheelchair E-fix
An electric wheelchair that can easily be converted to a manual wheelchair - appropriate for travel