homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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The person lives in an apartment and is working part time. She was injured in 1990 and has a tetraplegia (C5). She has personal assistance 13 hours a day and some help at night provided by the local government.

30 tips and ideas 
User at sink without lower cabinets in accessible kitchenAccessible kitchen, electric adjustable height
Adjustable height kitchen interior for wheelchair users
Fabric storage device with multiple pocketsBathroom storage
Practical storage for persons with limited reach or who use a wheelchair
User with capCap with built-in cooling or heating elements
Custom-designed cap for persons with problems regulating body temperature
China mug on tray on user’s lap
China mug
Easy-grip mug - suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User opens closet doorCloset
Closet without plinth and with lowered closet pole, suitable for wheelchair users
IR transmitterControl unit for environmental control system
IR transmitter used to control automatic doors, lift, balcony door, speaker phone, garage and TV
Cooktop with knee space underneathCooktop with knee space underneath
Cooktop with room below, appropriate for wheelchair users
User with cooling vestCooling and heating vest
Vest with built-in hot or cold pads, suitable for persons with problems regulating body temperature
Electric bed – lowest positionElectric bed
Adjustable height bed with back and foot adjustment; suitable for persons who have difficulties moving in bed
Electric heating padElectric heating pad
Electric heating pad, practical for persons who have problems regulating body temperature
Handle attached to an ordinary bottleHandle for bottle
Handle to attach to ordinary bottles - aids people who have impaired hand function
Homemade handle, with and without key ring, on remote control and phoneHomemade handle
Homemade handle of cernit clay with and without key ring
Round kitchen table with one table leg in the middleKitchen table
This table has room for one or several persons with wheelchairs
Angled knife and angled cheese slicer with adapted handleKnife and cheese slicer with adapted handle
Useful tool in kitchen for persons with impaired hand function.
Massage device - handle with moving rollersMassage device
For massages, to increase circulation and warm the body
Mirror with pull-out wall bracketMirror with pull-out wall bracket
Easy-to-use mirror for persons who have impaired hand function
Oven with side-hinged oven door and vertical handle; pull-out board belowOven with side-hinged oven door
Side-hinged oven with easy-grip handle, installed at wheelchair height
Mug with large handlePlastic mug
Mug with adapted handle – suitable for persons with loss of sensation or impaired hand function
Pull-out pantryPull-out pantry
Easy to reach things and well-arranged. Good choice for wheelchair users.
Threshold ramp in aluminum at entrance doorRamp at entrance
Aluminum wheelchair ramp by entrance door
Balcony door with aluminum threshold rampRamp to balcony
Aluminum wheelchair ramp to balcony door
Single-lever faucetSingle-lever faucet with good ergonomic design
Good sink faucet handle for persons with impaired hand function
Washbasin with spacer unitSink with hand shower
Adjustable angle sink in bathroom with hand shower, suitable for persons with impaired balance and hand function.
User holds the tea strainer with "key grip"Tea strainer
Tea strainer, easy to use for people with impaired hand function
Tealight holderTealight holder
Tealight holder that can easily be moved or placed by a person sitting in a wheelchair who has impaired hand function
Multi-tier platterThree-tier serving platter
Multi-tier serving platter that a person with impaired hand function can lift and hold
Tray placed on lap when person sits in wheelchairTray that sits steadily on lap
Tray appropriate for people who sit in a wheelchair
Tray on user’s lapTray to hold on lap
Tray suitable for persons using a wheelchair
User with wheelchair glovesWheelchair gloves
Individually manufactured gloves for wheelchair driving
Wine and shot glass with custom handleWine and shot glass adapted with handle
Beautiful wine and shot glasses appropriate for persons with impaired hand function.