homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Caroline lives in an apartment and is working. She has a congenital disease (Ehlers-Danlos syndrom) which gives her fluctuating problems and pain in all her joints. Since 2000 she is using a wheelchair outdoors. She has homehelp 27 hours a month.

22 tips and ideas 
Book in BookGem, attached to lower edge of book. Photo: www.bookgem.com'BookGem' Book Holder
A folding book holder that holds the book spread in different reading positions - suitable for people with disabilities
User with modified trousersAdaptation of trousers
A simple way to adapt trousers so they sit well both when standing and sitting
User with her armbike. Photo: Jonas ArnesonArmbike
- addition to manual wheelchair that allows quick and comfortable mobility outdoors
The user riding sitski with back supportBack support for riding on sitski
Back support provides safety when riding on sitski
User sitting in a green wheelchairColorful wheelchair
Wheelchair color that matches clothing
User with crutchesCrutches
Practical crutches with adjustable forearm support and anatomical handle
User with dressCustom sewn dress
– suitable for wheelchair users
User on donkeyDonkey as means of transport
A method to get around in difficult terrain – suitable for people who have problems walking
Kayaking jacket, extra longExtra long raincoat
Long raincoat prevents gap in back when sitting
User wearing heated sock (close-up)Heated socks
Battery-heated socks for outdoor activities – appropriate for people who freeze easily
User pulls up zipper on cover while sitting in kayakKayak cover with zipper
– aids people with disabilities and impaired hand function
Medicine cardMedicine card
Medicine card with important information – suitable for people with specific diagnoses who need specialist care
User with off-road chair on a sandy beachOff-road chair
Addition to manual wheelchair that allows driving on rough and uneven surfaces
Different types of pogies, photo: www.kajak.nuPaddle gloves for kayaking
Pogies are easy to put on – appropriate for people with impaired hand function
User riding recumbent bicycle. The wheelchair is attached to the tow hook.Recumbent bicycle with electric wheel and tow hook for wheelchair
Facilitates bike riding for individuals with impaired strength or disability
The user working on her knees wearing trousers for crawling.Specially sewn trousers for outdoor activities
Sturdy outdoor trousers used when raining, skiing and for “crawling”
Suitcase with wheelchair symbolSuitcase with wheelchair symbol
Wheelchair symbol on suitcases makes it easy to find suitcase at baggage claim
The thermal insole battery pack sits on the outside of the shoeThermal insoles
Thermal insoles keep feet warm – suitable for people who easily freeze
USB memory on keychainUSB memory with medical information
Accessible medical information suitable for people with specific diagnoses and medical care needs
User in bathtubWatch TV from bathtub
Being able to watch TV while lying in the bathtub is relaxing and distracts from pain
User with remote control to wheelchair crane; photo from Autoadapt, www.autoadapt.seWheelchair crane for car
Wheelchair crane that lifts a manual wheelchair into and out of the car trunk – suitable for people with disabilities and low strength
User drives on wet dirt with heavy-tread tires on wheelchairWinter tires for wheelchair
Heavy-tread tires on wheelchair facilitate outdoor driving in difficult terrain, such as sand or snow