homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Irene lives together with her husband in a house in the countryside. She is a pensioner. She was injured in 1995 and has a low paraplegia. She does not have any assistance.

18 tips and ideas 
House with gardenAdapted single-family home in the country
Wheelchair accessible home with large lot
Sink cabinet with shelves removed, doors openAdapted sink cabinet
Simple adapted sink cabinet – suitable for wheelchair users
Clothesline stretched across the balconyClothesline outdoors
Clothesline on the balcony – practical for wheelchair users
Wall-mounted drying rack (counter folded up)Combined wall-mounted counter and drying rack
Simple space-saving counter and drying rack in accessible laundry room
Go-cart with electric motor, joystick and steering leverGo-cart with electric motor to trim flower beds
– facilitates gardening for wheelchair users
Hand shower picture 1Hand shower
Hand shower by the toilet – practical for people with disabilities
Hand disinfectionHand wash in handbag
- reduces risk of infection – suitable for people with disabilities
Electric winch attached under roof ridgeOutdoor electric winch for transfers
An electric winch makes it possible to transfer between wheelchair and riding lawnmower, etc – suitable for people with disabilities
User on lift plateOutdoor lift
Outdoor lift – a simple way to get to a garden on a slope
Outdoor pool with liftOutdoor pool with lift
– suitable for people with disabilities
User and her husband at pool liftPool lift for outdoor pool
Stationary custom-designed pool lift makes it possible for people with disabilities to get in and out of a pool
Riding lawnmower from behindRiding lawnmower
- a lawnmower for large hilly gardens - works for persons with impaired function in the legs
Storage unit on casters with bottom pulled outRubbish cabinet on wheels
Storage unit on casters with rubbish sorting that fits under adjustable-height counter in adapted kitchen
Wheelchair attached to bed with chainSecuring the wheelchair during transfers
A chain to attach the wheelchair to the bed frame makes transfers safer
User washes a chandelier while standing in the standing wheelchairStanding wheelchair
Standing wheelchair facilitates housework – suitable for wheelchair users
User with vacuum cleaner attached to the wheelchair. Photo: Olle KohlsVacuum cleaner with nozzle appropriate for all floor types
Vacuum cleaner with lightweight nozzle and long cord - suitable for wheelchair users
Washing machine on pedestal with drawerWashing machine on pedestal
Elevated washing machine makes it easier for wheelchair users to do laundry
Plastic skis attached under the wheelchairWinter walks with wheelchair
Plastic skis under the wheelchair make it possible for wheelchair users to take walks in winter