homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Mikael lives together with his partner in an apartment. He is working parttime. He was injured in 2008 and has a tetraplegia (C5-6). He has personal assistance 30 hours a week.

10 tips and ideas 
User with sliding board in fabric bag (top visible)Adapted sliding board
Sliding board that fits in a small backpack – suitable for people with disabilities
User lifts leg and puts sliding board in placeAdapted sliding board
Sliding board with extra anti-slip material
Wheelchair cushion with reinforced side edgeAdapted wheelchair cushion
Simple modification of cushion for easy transfers
Catheter bag, open on short side to be able to pull out cathetersCatheter bag
Discreet storage for disposable catheters
Transfer mat attached to the wheelchair wheelCustom-sewn transfer mat
Discreet practical transfer mat that stays attached while transferring – suitable for wheelchair users
Cushion with air cellsPressure-relieving cushion for plane trips
– suitable for people with impaired sensation
Storage bag for catheter accessoriesStorage bag for catheters and accessories
Practical storage bag makes it easier to drain the bladder at night
User with transfer strap around thighsStrap as assistive device for transfers
Strap around thighs facilitates transfers – suitable for wheelchair users
User with strapStrap instead of wheelchair belt
Custom-made strap helps the user to keep his balance during strength training and moving outdoors – suitable for wheelchair users who have impaired balance
Door mat with holeWater-absorbing door mat
Facilitates transfers when not wearing shoes – suitable for wheelchair users