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Jonas is the founder of Sveriges Funktionshindrades Frilufts och Fiskeföreningen (Sweden Recreation and Fishing Association for People with Disabilities) sverigesfff.se/det-har-ar-sfff/. He also is the co-founder of Hanterbara Båtar AB, www.hanterbarabatar.se a company building accessible boats. He was injured in 2002 and has a complete paraglegia. He does not have any assistance.

9 tips and ideas 
Accessible boat with boarding ramp folded out at dockAccessible boat dock
Floating boat dock – suitable for boarding by people with motor disabilities
The Fred 25 (Photo: www.hanterbarabatar.se)Accessible motorboat
Aluminum boat that can be operated by a solo skipper in a wheelchair
User operates anchor by remote controlAnchor with remote control
Anchor in accessible boat that can be operated by a person with a disability
Anchor point with strapAttachment of wheelchair in accessible boat
Anchor points on floor of boat make it possible to tether wheelchairs
User at consoleConsole in adapted boat
Adjustable console in adapted boat makes it possible for wheelchair users to steer the boat
User fishing on aft deckFishing on accessible boat
– an opportunity for wheelchair users
A wheelchair user boards the boatFolding bow ramp in accessible boat
– allows easy access for wheelchair users
Folding benchHinged benches
Folding seats increase space on accessible boat for wheelchair users
Lift in stern of boatLift for persons on accessible boat
– makes it easier for people with disabilities to swim and get ashore at a high dock