homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Robert lives together with his wife and three children in a house. He is working full time. He was injured in 2003 and has a low paraplegia; no assistance.

42 tips and ideas 
User by closet with sliding doors and pull-out shelvesAccessible bedroom
- a solution for a person who uses a wheelchair
User in laundry roomAccessible laundry room
Practically furnished laundry room with lots of storage - a solution for people who use wheelchairs
User on paved surface in front of entranceAccessible patio and garden
A paved path enables the user to easily drive around the entire house
User in saunaAccessible sauna
- with maneuvering space and custom ventilation hatch - suitable for wheelchair users
User in front of his houseAdapted house
Wheelchair-accessible home with many practical details
User with punching bagAdjustable height punching bag
- can be used both by people in wheelchairs and people who stand
User with his daughter on the changing tableAdjustable-height changing table
- suitable for parents of young children with disabilities
Adjustable-height cribAdjustable-height crib
Crib suitable for parents with disabilities
User at his arm cycleArm cycle on exercise stand
An exercise stand allows the user to operate the arm cycle either stationary or outdoors - a training tool for people with disabilities
Child in baby carrier on user’s lapBaby carrier for parents who use wheelchairs
Having babies in a carrier makes it easier for parents who use wheelchairs
Backpack on wheelchair with rain cover onBackpack with integrated raincover
- practical for wheelchair users
The user transports firewood using a cart carrying a garden basketBasket on wheels for firewood
- a simple way for wheelchair users to transport firewood
User with daughter in lapCarrying child on lap
Slightly older children of parents who use wheelchairs can sit on a lap unassisted
Corner shower with doors closedCorner shower with folding doors
Shower stall that frees up space in bathroom - suitable for people who drive wheelchairs and need maneuvering space
User in the kitchen with drawer unit on castersCustom drawer unit on casters
- suitable for adjustable-height counter in custom kitchen
User in the kitchenCustom kitchen
Well-designed custom kitchen for a young family with one parent who uses a wheelchair
Rattan chair with pressure-relieving cushionCustom-made foam rubber chair cushions
- reduces risk of ulcers for people who lack sensation
User turns on air exchangerExtension of string to turn air heat exchanger on and off
- makes it possible for a person who uses a wheelchair to turn on/off
Flower box on wheelsFlower box on wheels
Portable flower box on patio - suitable for wheelchair users
User closes the door using a grab barGrab bar as door closer
- a simple way to close doors - suitable for wheelchair users
Hall with absorbent matHall in adapted house
Highly absorbent mat and hall bureau - suitable for wheelchair users
The user moves his daughter to the highchairHighchair with fixed chest support
- a way to lift the child into a highchair for wheelchair users who have a strong upper body
User by front doorLow lock catch for front door
Low lock catch for front door facilitates for wheelchair users
User at electricity cabinetLow-mounted electrical box with circuit breakers
- Suitable for wheelchair users
User opens the ovenOven and microwave in custom kitchen
Positioning option for wheelchair users
User opens a pivot-hung windowPivot-hung window
- suitable for wheelchair users
User on couch with roll cushion to relieve heelsRoll pillow on couch to relieve heels
- suitable for people who lack sensation
Roho-Adaptor cushion on Swift shower stoolShower stool with pressure-relieving cushion
- suitable for people who lack sensation
User opens sliding doorSliding doors in accessible housing
- convenient and space saving - suitable for wheelchair users
User holds up coffee table with one handSmall lightweight coffee table
The coffee table is lightweight and easy to move - suitable for wheelchair users
User at ‘his’ counterSpecially designed counter in accessible kitchen
Standalone counter with knee space increases workspace
User at dining tableStandard table with custom legs
- an option for wheelchair users
User standing in standing wheelchairStanding wheelchair
People who use a wheelchair can increase their independence at home by using a standing wheelchair and they can also stretch their leg joints.
User in standing wheelchair at deskStanding wheelchair in workplace
A standing wheelchair makes it possible for the user to be independent in his workplace
User’s wheelchair with customized belt attached to the sideStorage bags attached to wheelchair
Convenient storage for incontinence supplies for toilet visits outside the home
User on stool next to the bathtubTransfer to whirlpool bath
- an option for wheelchair users with strong arms
User next to storage boxesTransparent storage boxes
- suitable for wheelchair users
The user by the two-part refrigerator and freezerTwo-piece refrigerator and freezer in custom kitchen
- a practical solution for wheelchair users
User on his arm cycleUse of arm cycle outdoors
Arm cycle that allows cycling for training purposes for people with disabilities
User by wastebasket with swing-top lidWastebasket with swing-top lid
- suitable for wheelchair users
Toilet and shower with window protected by clear curtainWheelchair accessible bathroom
Curtain in front of the window at the shower protects the window from moisture - an option to have an open shower area next to a window
User sitting at deskWorkstation in open plan office
- with standard details appropriate for wheelchair users