homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Gert lives in an apartment. He is working half time and is a politician in the local government. He was injured in 1973 and has a tetraplegia, C5-C6. He has two hours help daily provided by the local government.

24 tips and ideas 
Anti-slip matAnti-slip mat
Mat that holds and stabilizes things/objects.
Automatic door openerAutomatic door opener
Automatic door opener with various controls.
Wall-mounted can openerCan opener
Can opener with wall bracket.
Ceiling track for ceiling liftCeiling lift between bathroom and bedroom
Ceiling lift on track from bathroom to bedroom.
Cleaning cabinet with open doorCleaning cabinet without plinth
Cleaning cabinet without plinth allows easy access to shelves and objects while sitting in the wheelchair.
IR transmitterControl unit for environmental control system
Transmitter to control alarm and door opener.
Cranberry juiceCranberry juice
Cranberry juice is used to prevent urinary tract infections.
Customized trousers with open zipperCustomized trousers
Customized trousers with zipper and opening for persons who use uribag.
Cutting board with nailsCutting board with nails
Cutting board for persons with impaired hand function.
Electric bedElectric bed
Electric bed equipped with bed lift. The bed has four adjustable sections.
User holds hairbrushHairbrush with handle
Simple, practical handle on hairbrush for persons with impaired hand function.
Heating fan at work tableHeating fan
Heating fan suitable for persons who find it difficult to regulate body temperature.
Knife with adapted handleKnife with adapted handle
Kitchen knife suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User opens oven doorOven
Oven placed at just the right height for a person sitting in a wheelchair.
User hits object (phone) under table with towel to bring it closerPicking things up from the floor
Towel and plastic bag that a person with impaired hand function can use to pick things up from the floor.
User holds playing card; driving licence is on floorPicking up small objects from the floor
Persons without finger function use a playing card to pick small objects up from the floor.
Passive pliers. Used for reaching, getting to and picking up things.
Potato peeler, assembledPotato peeler
A machine that peels potatoes, useful for persons with impaired hand function.
Radio standing on edge (close-up)Radio by the bed
Radio placed on its edge to enable persons with impaired arm/hand function to reach all buttons when lying in bed.
Reflective armbandReflective armband
Worn on arms when operating wheelchair outdoors in the dark.
Scissors with table support, closedScissors with table support
Adapted scissors for persons with impaired hand function
Sliding door to bathroomSliding door to bathroom
Sliding doors save space and are suitable for wheelchair users.
User wearing headsetTelephone with headset
Telephone with headset, with built-in speaker phone.
Wheelchair glovesWheelchair gloves
Individually manufactured gloves used for transfers (to or from wheelchair) and when operating the wheelchair.