homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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The user turns in bed using a stringA string that facilitates turning in bed
Simple adaptation that facilitates turning in bed - suitable for persons with disabilities
User seated on toiletAdapted bathroom
Space-saving interior of a bathroom for disabled people
User lying on side in bed with wedge cushionAdapted wedge cushion for comfortable position on side in bed
- suitable for people with disabilities
User transfers to bedBed with boxspring
- ordinary bed may work well for people with disabilities
Bite guardBite guard helpful for a good night’s sleep
Bite guard can help people who have difficulty turning in bed avoid sleep apnea
User in bed with foam cushion between kneesCushion between knees
A cushion that separates the legs can reduce neurogenic pain that people with spinal cord injury may have
User lying on his back with lumbar cushionCushion in lumbar region reduces neurogenic pain
A cushion that could help prevent neurogenic pain and spasticity in people with spinal cord injuries
User in garage by extra door which is hooked openGarage that still works during power failure
Through a simple modified door, the user can leave the garage even in a power failure
User has transferred from stairs to wheelchair using sliding boardGetting up from the floor with assistive device
Getting up from the floor using a staircase and a long sliding board - a technique for wheelchair users
User transfers from wheelchair to car with sliding boardHomemade sliding board for transfers to and from car
- Suitable for wheelchair users
User with basket on lapPlastic transport basket
Facilitates shopping and transporting objects - suitable for wheelchair users
User dries floorSqueegee with short handle
Squeegee and sloping bathroom floor make it easier to wipe dry after a shower - suitable for wheelchair users
User on stairlift with "emergency bag"Stairlift safety
- user always has an alarm with him when riding on stairlift
Stairlift with chair, footrest raisedStairlift with chair
Stairlift with chair - can make a two-storey house with narrow stairwells wheelchair-accessible
User transfers to the toilet using a sliding boardTransfers with sliding board to and from the toilet
- reduces pain in chest and shoulder muscles
Winter tiresWinter tires
Aggressive tires for manual wheelchair facilitates winter wheelchair driving
Work gloves (lightweight style)Work gloves as wheelchair gloves
Leather work gloves work well as wheelchair gloves