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Balcony garden containers with space for knees
Balcony garden containers with space for knees

Balcony garden containers with space for knees
Balcony garden containers with space for knees

User by balcony garden containers
User by balcony garden containers

Balcony door
Balcony door

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Accessible balcony garden

Convenient balcony garden adapted to wheelchair users

The balcony has custom-built containers in which potatoes, herbs, radishes, peas and flowers grow. Many plants have overwintered (clematis, bleeding heart, tarragon).
The containers are filled with soil. There are no holes in the bottom but the water can run through (no plastic sheeting). The user does not change the soil each year, but he adds compost.
The user can slide his knees under the containers if he takes his feet off the footrests, though he usually works from the side.
The height of the containers and the quantity of soil is determined based on knee height and appropriate working height.

Authors comments
The user previously had ordinary balcony containers. They did not work very well because they held too little soil. The user looked for larger appropriate containers in stores but did not find anything appropriate.
The user came into contact with a carpenter through a good friend, designer Lena Bengtsson, from Bollnäs. The user drew a diagram with measurements to show what he wanted. Now he is very satisfied.

Carpenter, contact through the user

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Tip is dated from 2006

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Tip is dated from 2006.


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