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Tillgänglig trädgård, (svensk text)

Garden with raised beds
Garden with raised beds

Garden with pond
Garden with pond

Garden with wooden deck
Garden with wooden deck

Raised bed (close-up)
Raised bed (close-up)

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Accessible garden

Architect-designed wheelchair accessible garden with raised beds at various heights

A landscape architect planned the garden. It has raised beds, planted beds at ground level and containers. The garden even has a pond and a chicken house. A wooden deck and paths ensure accessibility.

Authors comments
The design and raised beds make this garden special. The user loves his garden. It feels like a continuation of the house; it is barrier-free.
The user was involved with the book ‘Möjligheternas trädgård’ (‘Garden of Possibilities’), published by the Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology, and the Swedish Radio (the book is available in Swedish libraries, last checked June 2017). As thanks he was put in contact with landscape architect Ulf Nordfjäll who designed the garden for him.
The user can reach all of the beds but he mainly takes care of the raised beds and his wife deals with the beds at ground level.
He followed the landscape architect’s advice and brought in 30-40 cm of high-quality topsoil for the entire garden. They have not regretted doing so for a moment.

Ulf Nordfjäll, landscape architect

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The user

Editors comments
'Land Højbede' landhojbede.dk/butik/index.php?action=special-hojbede in Danmark sells mobile raised beds on wheels (last checked May 2011).

Tip is dated from 2006

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  1. I had mine built with 2 6 but I had them made 4ft x 6ft. I have used them now for 5 years and love gardening this way. I have more cnrtool over the weeds and I don't seem to get as many pests. But my favorite part about these beds is the fact that I can actually plant at least one month before everyone else does because if I watch the weather report I know if I need to go out and cover the beds with plastic over night. These beds protect your seedlings from the wind too. I keep sheets of plastic like a paint drop cloth rolled up at the end of each bed if I need to cover I just pull the plastic over the bed and secure it with dirt or rocks. I doubt I will ever garden any other way again.Hope this helps. Enjoy
    #3508# comment 2012-06-11

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