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Raised planting beds
Raised planting beds

User by raised planting beds
User by raised planting beds

User by raised planting beds
User by raised planting beds

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Accessible herb garden

Raised beds facilitate gardening especially for wheelchair users.

Raised planting boxes and beds with kneespace along house wall.

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'Land Højbede' landhojbede.dk/butik/index.php?action=special-hojbede in Danmark sells mobile raised beds on wheels (last checked May 2017).

Tip is dated from 2005

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Tip is dated from 2005.

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  1. I don't know about any plans, but I built some elevated beds by taking a piece of 5/8 treated plywood and building a stand for it out of 4 4 s. The stand has to be pretty stout, it will be holding a lot of weight. Build the frame first then set it on the legs, It has six legs. I have a full frame around the outside with two cross pieces evenly spaced from end to end. I cut sides and ends out of another piece of plywood 16 tall and then attached them to the floor by running a 2 2 around the edge , set back far enough so that the outside of the sides and ends are even with the edge of the floor. I ran another wall across four feet from each end and stiffened that with 2 4 s. I used screws throughout that are rated for use in treated lumber.I have three of the beds that are three years old and still going great. Don't forget to drill holes in the floor for drainage.
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