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Anpassat kök på sommarhusets veranda, (svensk text)

Counter with kneespace and open shelves
Counter with kneespace and open shelves

Sink, oven and dishwasher
Sink, oven and dishwasher

Built-in ceramic cooktop
Built-in ceramic cooktop

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Accessible kitchen on summer home veranda

Instead of adapting the kitchen in the summer home a new kitchen was built on the veranda.

A complete kitchen was installed along the wall of the house on the veranda of a vacation home. It has a refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, oven, cooktop, a large LPG stove and sink. Dishes and kitchen utensils are stored on open shelves built at the right height. The workbench over the oven and dishwasher is standard height, as is the sink. The adjacent counter with liquefied petroleum gas and cooktop are lower. There is kneespace under the lower counter and the sink. The veranda has a large dining table. A roof covers part of the veranda.

Authors comments
For the user this kitchen is the most fun place for cooking. He is very pleased and proud of the extremely practical outdoor kitchen. If something spills just hose it off and rinse. When it rains the dining table can be moved to the covered area. The user appreciates the open shelves. He can reach the two lower shelves. He thinks this solution is much better than adjustable height upper cabinets, which take a long time to maneuver. The kitchen inside the house is not adapted.

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