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User in laundry room
User in laundry room

User hangs laundry in laundry room
User hangs laundry in laundry room

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Accessible laundry room

Practically furnished laundry room with lots of storage - a solution for people who use wheelchairs

The laundry room has the washing machine and dryer facing each other so the user can reach both when sitting between them.

Authors comments
It is important to the user to be able to divide up household chores equally with his wife. He can not do all household chores, but he can do the laundry.

When he hangs the laundry he positions himself between the washer and the dryer and places the drying rack in front of him. This method enables him to take the laundry from the washing machine and move it directly either to the dryer or the drying rack without having to move. He also sits between the washer and dryer when folding the laundry. He folds the laundry on his lap and places clothes on top of the washing machine and dryer.

Tip is dated from 2011

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Tip is dated from 2011.

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