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Tillgänglig bastu, (svensk text)

User in sauna
User in sauna

Adapted ventilation hatch
Adapted ventilation hatch

“Sauna Wheelchair” with pressure-relieving cushion
“Sauna Wheelchair” with pressure-relieving cushion

Pressure-relieving cushion on sauna bench
Pressure-relieving cushion on sauna bench

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Accessible sauna

- with maneuvering space and custom ventilation hatch - suitable for wheelchair users

Sauna with wide door, without threshold and with room to enter with a manual wheelchair. An old wheelchair is used to transfer to the sauna and to shower. In the sauna the user sits on the bench and uses a small pressure-relieving cushion (ROHO adaptor).

The user can open and close the ventilation hatch on the ceiling. The hatch itself consists of a piece of sauna panel and is equipped with a hinge and a long rope that runs from the hatch through a loop on the ceiling and hangs down so that the user can reach it, see photo 2.

Model, pressure-relieving cushion: Roho Adaptor

Authors comments
It was important for the user to be able to manage the ventilation hatch on his own and it took him a while before he thought of the current solution.

Purchased from
Pressure-relieving cushion: Permobil, www.permobil.com (last checked July 2017)

The user (ventilation hatch)

Paid for by
Municipality (adjustment); County Council (pressure-relieving cushion)

Tip is dated from 2011

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housing » sauna, looking after ones health » preventing/healing ulcers, Tips and tricks from people with Low paraplegia (Th11- S1, ASIA A, B).

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