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Handle on glass wall (close-up)
Handle on glass wall (close-up)

Wall-mounted shower stool
Wall-mounted shower stool

Glass wall with handle
Glass wall with handle

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Accessible shower

Shower with custom-designed glass wall – appropriate for wheelchair users.

The shower stands in the corner of the bathroom; one side has a custom designed glass wall and one side has a shower curtain. The glass wall has a large sturdy handle. The shower stool has a split seat and is wall-mounted and hinged. It is the same height as the wheelchair. The user’s feet rest on a stool for a more stable seated position. Shower chair: Dublette from Merivaara

Authors comments
Lotta feels that the glass wall is very good. Previously she only had the shower curtain. The entire bathroom became wet and the wheelchair easily became caught in the curtain. The split shower stool makes it easier for her to wash genitals.

Build instructions
Glass wall with hole to attach handle is specially ordered from a glazier. A blacksmith made the handle.

User’s husband (handle)

The user

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Editors comments
The wall-mounted shower stool with split seat is no longer made. Products that are most similar are the wall-mounted shower stools with hygienic seat from ETAC or Aquatec.

Tip is dated from 2006

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Tip is dated from 2006.

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