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Anpassat badrum, (svensk text)

Suspended washbasin
Suspended washbasin

Toilet and bathtub
Toilet and bathtub

Water heater
Water heater

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Adapted bathroom

Adapted bathroom in wood

The bathroom is made from parts of a wooden boat. The walls are made of solid 5 mm thick untreated teak. The washbasin is suspended from the ceiling. The bathtub is made of larch wood. The toilet is somewhat elevated and is also used as a shower chair. An extra water heater guarantees that warm water is always available even if others in the house have showered.

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The current bathroom floor is slippery (linoleum). Today the user would build a floor with floor heating and small tiles.

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Tip is dated from 2005

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housing » bathroom, Tips and tricks from people with Low tetraplegia with partly function in arms/hands (C7- Th1, ASIA A, B).

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