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Anpassad tarmsköljningsapparat, (svensk text)

Stand for rinse device next to toilet chair
Stand for rinse device next to toilet chair

Stand with rinse device in place
Stand with rinse device in place

Rinse device in place (close-up)
Rinse device in place (close-up)

Water container on wall
Water container on wall

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Adapted colon cleansing kit

An adapted colon cleansing kit makes it possible for a person with a spinal cord injury to take care of body functions faster

The Clysmatic colonic kit consists of a water container that sits on the wall, a tube and a rinse device (bent steel tube and nozzle) that is inserted in the rectum. The tube has a spigot. The rinse device should actually be attached to the toilet chair. Since this does not work for the user the unit was modified. The modification consists of an easily mounted stand (steel rod) for the rinse device that is placed on the floor next to the toilet chair. The adjustable height stand makes it possible to use the device on different shower and toilet chairs. Instructions for the colon cleansing device are included at time of purchase. See also www.vitabalans.com/ledins/produkt/clysmatic/, in Swedish (last checked May 2017).

Authors comments
Previously it took the user 3 to 4 hours to take care of his stomach. With the clysmatic it now takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour. Before the user made the adjustment he contacted the hospital about this problem. They suggested a hydraulic toilet chair. The user thought this was overly complicated and created a simple modification, which works well for him. It only takes a few seconds to set up the rinse device. The adjustable height stand makes it possible for him to bring this solution with him on trips. The user even brought it along when traveling abroad.

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Health food stores (Clysmatic)

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Editors comments
Coloplast sells the Peristeen anal irrigation kit, which is adapted for persons with impaired hand function, see www.coloplast.se (last checked May 2017).

Tip is dated from 2006

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self care » toileting, Tips and tricks from people with High tetraplegia with partly function in arms/hands (C5-6, ASIA A, B).

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Water containerAdapted colon cleansing kit for travel
The Clysmatic colonic kit can be used while traveling
Tip is dated from 2006.

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