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Anpassad kajak, (svensk text)

User in kayak
User in kayak

Adapted kayak with customized seat
Adapted kayak with customized seat

Lever to handle rudder
Lever to handle rudder

Weights in bottom of kayak
Weights in bottom of kayak

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Adapted kayak

Rekryteringsgruppen offers kayak lessons for persons who have a spinal cord injury

The A K:1 Basic kayak (one-person kayak) was adapted for people with disabilities. The Basic was chosen because it has a larger cockpit for easy moves and allows the person to slide out when the kayak capsizes.
- Customized “slimskate” seat aids balance for persons with poor trunk stability
- Lever to handle the rudder with hand
- Weights in bottom of kayak (removable) to stabilize the kayak

Authors comments
The boat is one of several different kayaks that belong to Rekryteringsgruppen (RG), Stockholm, which offers kayak lessons. RG uses two-person kayaks for beginners. An experienced kayaker accompanies each beginner. For more information please see: rgaktivrehab.se (in Swedish) or contact Rekryteringsguppen Friluft (last checked June 2017).

Adapted seat: RG has standard seats in various heights and widths. It is also possible to custom-design a seat based on individual needs.

Kayakers use ordinary life jackets.

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Tip is dated from 2006

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