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Anpassad telefon och dess förvaring, (svensk text)

Telephone in fabric bag on the outside of the electric wheelchair below the armrest (film)

Adapted phone
Adapted phone

Adapted phone (underneath)
Adapted phone (underneath)

Adapted buttons on phone (close-up)
Adapted buttons on phone (close-up)

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Adapted phone with storage

Voice-controlled portable telephone that works and is always accessible for a person who uses an electric wheelchair and has impaired hand function

The voice-controlled portable telephone (Siemens) has been adapted as follows:
- key ring
- anti-slip material underneath
- anti-slip material on the most important buttons
The telephone is stored in a specially designed fabric bag conveniently attached to the electric wheelchair.

Authors comments
The user can pick up the telephone by using the key ring. Anti-skid material underneath the telephone makes it possible for him to place it on his thighs in order to press the buttons without it falling down. Having a voice-controlled phone is extremely helpful, according to the user; he presses on a button and uses his voice to control who he is calling.

Build instructions
Some of the most important buttons on the telephone are enlarged using anti-slip material. The user first punches out round pieces of the anti-slip material an ordinary hole punch. He stacks several of these pieces of anti-skid material and glues them together.

The user

The user

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Tip is dated from 2006

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