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Apple peeler (film)

Apple peeler. Photo from www.smartasaker.se/
Apple peeler. Photo from www.smartasaker.se/

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Apple peeler

A practical machine that peels, slices and cores apples simultaneously – suitable for people with impaired hand function

The peeler has a built-in suction foot to ensure that it sits securely. It easily peels, cores and slices an apple. It can be set to the desired thickness of the apple peel. It can also be set so the peeler only peels the apple.

The apple peeler can also be used for potatoes, pears, onion, etc.

See also www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNKrK8S78CY(last checked May 2017).

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In Sweden e.g. Kitchen time, www.kitchentime.se/ or Claes Olsson, www.clasohlson.com/se (apple peeler), last checked May 2017

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