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Bestic, (svensk text)

User eating with bestic (film)

User eating with bestic
User eating with bestic

Control button attached to an arm on headrest
Control button attached to an arm on headrest

Control button (close-up)
Control button (close-up)

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Bestic flatware

A simple maneuverable assistive device for eating – suitable for disabled people who can’t use their arms and hands

Bestic is an assistive device for eating that consists of a moveable arm with a spoon that is placed next to a dish (special dish with a small edge). The user controls the “bestic” with his head by using a button attached to an arm next to his head. Bestic has multiple setting options: - Choose between soup or pieces: when soup is chosen, the bottom of the spoon is automatically wiped against the edge of the dish to avoid unnecessary spilling. The spoon stops, waits and shakes off extra food before it goes up to the mouth to avoid spilling. - It can be set at the appropriate mouth height depending on the table and the chair. - It can be set how close to the mouth the spoon should come. - Bestic can be controlled with different control switches that are easy to use, such as a joystick or button. Bestic can be operated by battery for about 3 hours which makes it possible to use it in places where electricity is not available such as outdoors or at restaurants. The device is foldable with a carrying handle that makes it easy to bring along. See also www.youtube.com/user/BesticAB (last checked Feb. 2017)

Authors comments
Bestic offers the user increased independence and integrity.

In Sweden: Bestic, www.bestic.se (last checked Feb. 2017)

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Tip is dated from 2015

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