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'Blåsflaska' för andningsträning vid arbetsplats, (svensk text)

The user exercises to improve his lung capacity using the “blow bottle” that sits by the desk (film)

“Blow bottle” on folding arm
“Blow bottle” on folding arm

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“Blow bottle” for breathing training at workplace

Easily accessible exercise device to improve lung capacity

Blowing with a straw into a water bottle is a good exercise to improve breathing capacity. The user, who has poor pulmonary function, always has his “blow bottle” handy. It sits on a folding arm attached to his work table.

Authors comments
Since the “blow bottle” sits next to the computer he does not forget about it. Every time he has to wait for the computer, he takes it out and blows a few times. Since it can be moved out of the way, there is no risk of water ending up on the desk or computer.

The user

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Tip is dated from 2015

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looking after ones health » use of breathing aids, Tips and tricks from people with High tetraplegia with partly function in arms/hands (C5-6, ASIA A, B).

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Tip is dated from 2015.

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