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Bluetooth headset för mobiltelefon, (svensk text)

User with Bluetooth headset
User with Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth SonyEricsson HBH-DS980
Bluetooth SonyEricsson HBH-DS980

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Bluetooth headset for mobile phone

Bluetooth headset enables persons without function in arms or hands to use a mobile phone

A small Bluetooth headset wirelessly controls the mobile phone. It has a multipoint-connection, i.e., the telephone can be simultaneously connected wirelessly to a handheld computer on which music is saved. This method allows the user to listen to music that is saved on a computer via the mobile phone.

Model: SonyEricsson HBH-DS980

Authors comments
Nina uses her mobile phone (associated tip) both with an ordinary headset (see associated tip) and with Bluetooth. The ordinary headset can be used with both a mobile and a landline phone. Bluetooth only works with the mobile phone. The advantage of Bluetooth is that the user can answer the phone even if it is still in a handbag.

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Tip is dated from 2008

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