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Sköta magen med vattenlavemang Peristeen, (svensk text)

User with Peristeen. Illustration: Lars 'Geson' Anderson
User with Peristeen. Illustration: Lars 'Geson' Anderson

User inserts catheter. Illustration: Lars 'Geson' Andersson
User inserts catheter. Illustration: Lars 'Geson' Andersson

User connects catheter and tube
User connects catheter and tube

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Bowel management with Peristeen rectal irrigation

A bowel management method for persons with spinal cord injuries

Peristeen anal irrigation from Coloplast helps people with spinal cord injuries to empty their bowels. It consists of a control unit with pump, water bag, and a rectal catheter.
The water bag is designed to stand on the floor and can easily be moved thanks to the large handle. The rectal catheter is smooth, small and discreet which makes insertion into the rectum very easy. When the catheter is inserted into the intestine, a small balloon fills with air to keep the catheter in place in the intestine during intestinal cleansing.

The user transfers to the toilet, the wheelchair stands in front of the toilet, one leg is extended straight on the wheelchair cushion, the other has the foot on the foot bar. The user fills the peristeen bag with water at body temperature from the shower which is next to the toilet and places the bag on the floor. She connects the tubes and places the control unit on the wheelchair. She opens the package with the rectal catheter a little bit and connects the catheter to the tube (Picture 3). She soaks the catheter with water from the shower. The catheter becomes extremely slippery and she is careful not to hold it at the top. Then she feeds the tube, so that some of the tube is close to the anal opening. To insert the catheter she supports herself with one hand on the toilet arm support, with the other she holds the catheter at the same time that she feels where to place it. She pumps up the catheter balloon and then pumps in the water and removes the catheter.

Authors comments
The user has considerable problems with her stomach. Microlax does not work at all, Peristeen does not perform miracles, but works better for her. At first she was afraid that water would come out even after bathroom visits, but this has never happened. She feels secure with Peristeen; she feels it is not as complicated to use as it first seems to be. In addition it feels healthier to use water than microlax. The only part that can be difficult is if she happens to grasp the catheter itself and gets lubricant on her hand. It is also important that the catheter comes directly from below, which makes it easier to insert.

Coloplast, www.coloplast.co.uk (last checked May 2017)

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  1. I saw a very smart system called Qufora which should be even more simple to use:


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  2. i was hurt in a wreck a few months sgo. ive had to give myself enimas ever since. Your Peristeen Irrigation system,that ive read very much on,from the internet many websites in full.I beleave your product could really make my cituation a lot more tollerable and humain.One man said hes done completely in 15 minutes.Im 51 they want to take out my hole colon out of me,all because my spinctor muscle usually wont work.I refuse to let them i figure as long as i have my colon it might go back to working better.I feel like i said your product could make life quite a bit easier Thank You Timothy Sykes
    #6929# comment 2013-06-27

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