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Chair stairlift
Chair stairlift

User on chair stairlift
User on chair stairlift

User on chair stairlift on upper story
User on chair stairlift on upper story

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Chair stairlift

Chair stairlift in two-story house with narrow stairway.

The elevator track stands on poles that are attached to the step. Convenient buttons in the armrest operate the lift. The chair turns 90 degrees toward the floor where the user gets on or off. The user has a wheelchair on each floor.

Authors comments
The user is very satisfied with the lift; she has never had any problems. When the lift chair is on the upper story it is somewhat crowded for her relatives to get past. Many maneuvers are involved when moving from one story to the next, but the user has become used to the procedure. However, she wants a single-story house when she gets older. The user chose a two-story house and therefore had to pay for the stairlift herself.

Kalea, www.kalea.se/ (last checked June 2017)

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Tip is dated from 2006

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Tip is dated from 2006.

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