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Kombinerad rullator och babysäng, (svensk text)

Modified rollator walker. Photo from mammapappalam.se
Modified rollator walker. Photo from mammapappalam.se

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Combined rollator and crib

A modified rollator walker with extended lower section – suitable for parents with disabilities who have young children.

The rollator has been taken apart and welded back together. The front wheels have been moved forward, extended with tubes. The bottom is now a platform on which a basket can be mounted. The rollator became more stable when the bottom was extended and no longer tips forward. An ordinary plastic box is attached to the platform. The plastic box should be 60-70 cm long. The rollator could no longer be folded up after it was modified.

Authors comments
I do not have any drawings for the rollator. My father-in-law rebuilt it. We brainstormed to come up with the idea to make it. I bought a second-hand rollator online that was made of iron (does not weld more easily than aluminum). Examples of rollators that are originally designed with a platform and are easier to extend: Rebel and CarlOskar.

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The tip comes from mammapappalam.se

Tip is dated from 2016

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