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Smidig dusch- och toalettstol med mjuk sits, (svensk text)

Shower and toilet chair above toilet
Shower and toilet chair above toilet

Shower and toilet chair
Shower and toilet chair

StimuLITE cushion on backrest
StimuLITE cushion on backrest

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Convenient shower and toilet chair with soft seat

Soft seat on shower chair facilitates transfers for wheelchair users.

The user uses a travel shower chair without armrest and with a seat site every day. He attached a thin StimuLITE cushion to the backrest.
The chair can easily be pulled apart and packed in a suitcase. The suitcase is the right size for carry-on luggage on planes. The chair is only 54 cm wide and fits through almost all doors. The chair can also be purchased with driving gear.

Model shower and toilet chair: Chameleon
The soft seat is a accessory for Chameleon.

Authors comments
The user is extremely satisfied with the cushion, which provides a good grip for transfers. The StimuLITE cushion on the backrest improves sitting.
In the past he only used the shower chair for showering; since he has major problems with one shoulder he now also uses the chair as a toilet chair to avoid one transfer.

Purchased from
StimuLITE cushion: Rehabshop, www.rehabshop.com (in Sweden) or www.wheelchaircushionsage.com ; Showerchair: Pernova, www.pernova.se eller winncare.dk/en/products?category=shower-and-toilet (last checked May 2017)

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Tip is dated from 2008

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