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Crib, power-operated adjustable height
Crib, power-operated adjustable height

The crib has side rails that open.
The crib has side rails that open.

The child is easily moved in and out of the crib through the opening.
The child is easily moved in and out of the crib through the opening.

Bed frame on casters
Bed frame on casters

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Crib, adjustable height power-operated

Power-operated adjustable height crib with side rails, user-friendly for parents with disabilities

A power-operated adjustable height crib. The crib can be placed at the right height for the wheelchair. It is easy to get close to the crib with the wheelchair. The crib can also raised high enough for the wheelchair to slide under it.

The crib has two rails that open, which makes it easy to move the child in and out of the bed.

The crib is on casters and can also be moved from room to room, or within a room, though it is heavy and cumbersome to move.

Authors comments
The crib can also be placed in the living room. The level of the crib is easy to control but the user realizes that people with compromised hand and arm function might find it difficult to manage the side rails and lock.

During infancy (when the child slept in the parental bed) the crib was in the living room with a baby gym attached and was used for play instead of on the floor, which allowed the user to easily reach the child.

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In Sweden: Mayday Aid AB, www.maydayaid.se (last checked June 2017)

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County council

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See also www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWZI_wFwZnE#t=101 (last checked June 2017).

Tip is dated from 2007

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