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Dyna mellan knäna i båten, (svensk text)

User sitting in the kayak with cushion between knees
User sitting in the kayak with cushion between knees

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Cushion between knees in boat

A cushion between the knees helps the user to maintain a good seated posture in a kayak for people with functional impairments

User places a cushion between her knees when sitting in the kayak. Cushion thickness can be varied with air.

Model: part of Varilite from Anatomic Sitt

Rekryteringsgruppen in Stockholm, has cushions in various sizes and lends them out for canoeing.

Authors comments
The cushion steadies the legs in the kayak and prevents them from rocking back and forth.

Anatomic Sitt, www.anatomicsitt.com (last checked June 2017)

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Tip is dated from 2006

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User in kayakAdapted kayak
Rekryteringsgruppen offers kayak lessons for persons who have a spinal cord injury
Tip is dated from 2006.

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  1. you'll probably find your kayak to be a bit sturdier than a canoe but slightly less comfortable over the long-term. you can buy extra padding for the seat, or i'll use my inflatable hiking pad and sit on that.it can be awkward to both hold a paddle and fish, but you can cheaply get a leash for the paddle.all in all, i think you're really going to enjoy it. it's good exercise, too.
    #3701# comment 2012-07-21

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