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Anpassat kök, (svensk text)

User in the kitchen
User in the kitchen

User at the stove
User at the stove

Adjustable height upper cabinet
Adjustable height upper cabinet

User in the kitchen
User in the kitchen

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Custom kitchen

Well-designed custom kitchen for a young family with one parent who uses a wheelchair

Custom kitchen with fixed-height counter at 87 cm, ceramic cooktop with touch controls and with knee space below, as well as adjustable-height upper cabinet, separate fixed counter at wheelchair height, see also related tip.
All electrical connections for lighting and electrical function of the adjustable-height cabinets are connected to a single switch.

Authors comments
For the user it is important to be able to cook; the sink does not have knee space because he mainly uses the dishwasher. The counter height is 87 cm, 3 cm lower than the standard. This height works well for the user and his wife because his wife is short. He chose a common switch in part to make it easier since he does not have to move around in the entire kitchen to turn things on and off, and in part to make it harder for the children to operate electrical lights and appliances. He also chose touch controls on the stove so the children cannot turn it on.
He chose adjustable-height upper cabinets that go straight down. In his previous kitchen the upper cabinet was lowered diagonally, which meant that the counter top beneath it could not be used. He feels it takes a long time to lower the overhead cabinets so he keeps all essential tools on the lower shelves, which he can easily reach. That way he does not need the feature very often.

Purchased from
Ikea, www.ikea.com and Granberg, www.granberg.se (modifications); last checked July 2017

The user

Tip is dated from 2011

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household tasks » preparing meals, housing » kitchen, Tips and tricks from people with Low paraplegia (Th11- S1, ASIA A, B).

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