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Night table with attachment on bed
Night table with attachment on bed

Night table
Night table

Attachment on bed frame (close-up)
Attachment on bed frame (close-up)

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Customized night table

An all-in-one night table with room for many functions that helps a person with a high injury to stay in touch with and have control over the rest of the world even when in bed

The night table is made of a round wooden board that sits on an arm that has a holder on the bed frame. Power cords go along the arm. The table swivels. It has an elastic band so that the user can pull the table toward him.

The table is an all-in-one table, with room for a speaker phone that can be lit with a the flashlight (during power outages), a voice-controlled mobile phone, entrance telephone, radio, reading light, combined reading and snack table, medicine container, remote control for radio and TV and coffeemaker.

Authors comments
The user feels most disabled and most dependent on others when in bed. The night table is always in place and helps him stay in touch with and have some control over his world.

Assistive device technician Erling Mikaelsson

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Tip is dated from 2006

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communication » use of alarm, use of phone, eating, drinking » eating, recreation, leisure » reading, television and sound, Tips and tricks from people with High tetraplegia with partly function in arms/hands (C5-6, ASIA A, B).

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Speaker phone and mobile phone on holder, TV remote sitting attached to the telephone with a rubber bandTelephone by night table
With a holder for speaker phone by the bed, the telephone is always accessible for persons with impaired arm and/or hand function.
Tip is dated from 2006.
Night table with book support extended (reading table)Read and snack in bed
Combined reading and snack table integrated in a customized night table, suitable for persons with compromised or no arm and/or hand function
Tip is dated from 2006.
Entrance telephone on night tableEntrance telephone in night table
The entrance telephone is always accessible when the user is in bed – suitable for persons who cannot transfer from the bed independently
Tip is dated from 2006.
Bed unit fitted with headphones and contact for blowing.Listen to radio and control bed
Opportunity to listen to radio in bed without disturbing a partner; suitable for persons who have compromised hand/arm function.
Tip is dated from 2006.

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