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User at the wheel
User at the wheel

Power adjusted driver's seat
Power adjusted driver's seat

User gets into car
User gets into car

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Driving a car for people with disabilities

A car that is suitable for persons with impaired gait and impaired function in hands and arms

The user drives a car with an automatic transmission, extra heater, and power adjusted driver's seat. Telephone (on/off), radio (volume and pre-set channels), cruise control, and the navigation system are all controlled with buttons that sit in the wheel.
All of these functions are standard in the car.

Model: Volvo Cross Country, V 70

Authors comments
The user kept the car he had from before he was injured. He is satisfied with the driver's seat and with the control buttons on the wheel. However, he does not feel that the car heater is adequate in winter to melt snow and ice. He plans to build a carport.
The buttons for the lights are controlled by a switch that sits next to the wheel. They are difficult to reach and the user plans to apply for a car allowance to pay for voice control for the headlights and blinkers. He will also choose a car that is somewhat higher, since it is difficult for him to climb in and out of the car.

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Tip is dated from 2008

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